Ciara in High-Waisted Pants..Hit or Miss??

  1. She doesn't look bad in these. I like the way she is wearing them....What do you think?


  2. Miss to me. Not as much as poor jessica, but she's a bit too curvy to rock these. Especially the second photo is :push: Not many celebs manage to rock these it seems. Hopefully this so called trend will pass soon, for the sake of beauty!
  3. I think she's the best I've seen wearing these so far. However, I do agree that this is a very difficult style for most to wear------it hardly works on doesn't matter what their body type is. I think it will pass on quickly......
  4. ^^ita.
  5. I might be in the minority but i like it.
  6. The pics don't work for me :shrugs:
  7. I always admired Ciara for being such a beautiful and talented singer. I don't mind this outfit. I mean, obviously there are better choices but it doesn't totally blind me like Jessica's bee-hind had.
  8. I really don't care for the high waisted jeans, you have to be a stick figure to be able to pull them off.
  9. Miss.

    I'm having serious "Too Close for Comfort" '80s TV flashbacks seeing people in these pants.
  10. IMO the look is cute but for someone who is tall and not as curvy.
  11. ^^For some reason I'm the opposite. I think they look better on someone with a curves. Someone with 'smaller curves' like Ciara can pull it off. I don't think someone much larger than her could pull it off however. I also don't think a skinnier--'flatter' person would look as good in them. They'd just look like a beanpole. :shrugs:
  12. I think this thread kind of highlights my whole problem with this "trend." "She doesn't look that bad in those" or "she kind of pulls it off" is generally the best complement you hear given to someone wearing super high waisted jeans. If I am going to rock a trend at all (I generally like to steer clear of super trendy things), its going to be because I know that I can absolutely rock it out. I have yet to see anyone really wow me with the way that they rock their high waisted jeans. It always seemed forced and just a bit off, or at best, "not that bad." Unless someone can really step up to the plate and shows everyone else how high waisted jeans should be done, I'm thinking their shelf life is pretty short lived and these pics will be haunting those who made an attempt 5-10 years from now.
  13. I actually like those.
  14. I like them on her much better than on Jessica. IMO the only one who I've seen that wears them well is Kate Moss...
  15. i actually think they look really great on her! i've seen other celebs wearing the high waisted jeans and they were a total miss!