Ciao Ciao/Ciao or Campeggio/Stellina

  1. Which do you prefer? I like the Ciao Ciao and Ciao because you get a lot of the pattern and I like how you can enlargen the bag but the only problem is it is flat. I like the Campeggio and Stellina because it has more depth, pockets, and can fit more but the pockets cut up the print. What do you like better? What style have you bought?
  2. I prefer the campeggio/stellina. I love how you can get a clean cut of most of the print w/the ciao ciao but it's just too big and floppy/flat for me to actually use comfortable, and the ciao is too small, I can't fit all my stuff in there... I have a campeggio I use for overnights and things like that, but not everyday . I plan to get a stellina in one of the future prints, just not sure which one yet!!
  3. I love my ciao ciao and am desperately searching for the "right ciao". I like it's flatness. Even if they are almost comletely empty you don't feel likeyou are carrying a huge empty bag around the way you do with some of the more shaped bags.

    I totally do not like the stellina or the campeggio (and I've had the opportunity to buy both at Macy's for 50% off) because it cuts up the print. I'd go for a BV or Mamma Mia before either one of them!
  4. Wow...more opinions the more confused I get! I was hoping this thread was going to help me decide what style to buy a citta rosa in! I only have the ciaos and bella bellas and love them. I'm guessing I'll like the messengers too...but I agree that the flaps have to look good....that is my biggest concern!
  5. Yeah...I saw that one and it is nice. I just don't care for mesh pockets! I know they are probably pretty handy to have and everyone seems to like them. I do need to be hands free sometimes and that's my only other concern is whether those straps would stay on my shoulders when I need them to while toting a toddler at times.:confused1:
  6. I love the campeggios/ stellinas! I have 3 stellinas (playground, citta rosa, and pirata). My one campeggio is a citta rosa. I thought it was a bit redundant at first to have a campeggio AND a stellina, but I love the print so much and I like the style of the bag. The campeggio I use for school/ travel and the stellina I use as an everyday bag.
    I don't really care for the ciao/ ciao. They just don't seem functional enough for me since I carry a lot with me and the pockets for the stellina/ campeggio keep everything organized. I do like that the ciao/ ciao gets a lot of the print. It doesn't particularly matter to me as long as I get my favorite characters of each print on a good area of the bag. I've gotten pretty lucky in that respect with my pirata because I ordered it from Lesportsac. :wlae: When it came, I loved it instantly since I was hoping for a lot of the water to be on the print and some sharks.
  7. the print is the best on that bag indeed!

    i think i prefer the campeggio, since i actually have a stellina & actually don't like it. i have a ciao ciao coming, & altho i think it'll be too big for my needs, i still love it. so basically all 3 of these, minus the stellina are great bags, IMO.
  8. I have all four of those bags and I like all of them in different ways. I love stellina but I hate the length of the strap. It looks best as an across the body bag but the strap is to short. Campeggio is a large bag but very functional. I love my ciao ciao as well, I dont find it difficult to get to anything in it and its a great size. The ciao is to small for me as an everyday bag but its great for just the essentials. I think certain prints look better on certain bag styles and then you have to also take into consideration as to what is functional for you.
  9. I just wish there was a bag in between the stellina and the campeggio. I feel that the stellina is a great size, it fits evertyhing I need but when I have it on I feel like it looks too small on me :confused1: . The campeggio is a great size but when I put what I carry in it, everything is swimming and there's room for me to carry about 3 times what I normally carry so I fell the campeggio is too big for an every day purse and it's better as an overnight/school/laptop bag :confused1: :blink: :search:
  10. i would have loved to get a stellina...but the only thing that stopped me, is the chopped up prints on the flaps n pocket.. :sad:
  11. Vmasterz maybe you need an adios star stellina...nothing is chopped on that pattern...the pockets look fabulous!! :graucho: It might be my favorite stellina!! :drool:

    I kinda want a playground stellina but have you seen the one on totally shows what you're descibing chopped up body parts all over the place and it's super repetitive...brown latte everywhere!!

    Here check it out

    And why wouldn't they post pics of the back...:push:
  12. adios star??no way im too scared to get it dirty! that one will never be used at all not that i used my other ones :roflmfao:

    the playground has the brown lattes all over but man that print is sooooo chopped up i wont consider it at all no matter how much lattes are in there!!! i cant stand seeing just the legs looks too weird for me hahaha...i rather have cut bodies showing upper torso than just lower :yucky: