Chunky Muffler/Scark

  1. I wasn't quite sure where to put this, but does anyone know where I can get a muffler/scarf? I saw one in cosmos december 2007 issue on pg 88. its a scarf with no ends, it makes a full connected circle, you can wrap it around twice or you can pull it up over your head depending on how wide the fabric is. I saw it on a the hills a bit back I think also but I can't seem to find any online.
  2. moving to wardrobe area....
  3. Thanks Katerina! That is exactly what I am looking for. Do you know where to find one like that but with heavier knit? The one I saw in Cosmopolitan is knitted, similar to that of a big looped knitted sweater...thick looking.
  4. I found out the name of the scarf I was looking for...the Eternity Shawl by Suzanne Juul. You can get it on

    Here's the picture I first saw a bit back. I wish I couldve found it sooner but oh well. Better late than never.
  5. I've seen that a few times. I saw a picture a bit back of mary kate Olsen or maybe it was Ashley, one of those girls with it. I really wanted one at the time. How warm is kid mohair? What is kid mohair for that matter?
  6. Mohair is from goats, so I'm guessing "kid mohair" is from younger goats...? I don't find mohair to be as warm as cashmere, and it can be a little itchy.
  7. Oh I love these scarves!! I fell in love with them after seeing them on The Hills :biggrin:
  8. Yes Priiin! Thats where I first saw them then. I was racking my brain, I thought it was from a picture I saw in People magazine or something like that but in one episode LC did hold up the eternity shawl when shopping. I just rewatched that episode of The Hills. I think I watch the Hills for its fashion more than the enjoyment!

    I received an email from sometime this past weekend..I posted it in another thread..anyway here it is has the grand pleasure of being able to bring to you:
    Suzanne Juul's “Eternity Shawl”
    For those of you unaware, the “Eternity Shawl” is the must have accessory of the season! Seen on celebrities such as Mary Kate Olsen, Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff, Britney Spears, and the list goes on and on! Rumor has it a store in L.A. is awaiting a shipment to arrive today (Dec. 14th) with celebrities such as Paris Hilton waiting to snatch one up. The store would not disclose to Suzanne Juul any other celebrity names due to confidentiality. You better buy this one up quick before its gone!

    I emailed to find out exactly what Kid Mohair is and we will see if they email me back.
  9. responded to my kid mohair question with:

    Kid Mohair is a silk like fabric found in Angora goats. When mohair is sheared from the goat, the coarse hair is separated from the down hair. The younger the goat, the finer and softer the hair. It is known for its high luster and sheen and is quite warm.
  10. I think I watch it for the fashion and little catfights between the girls. It's hilarious :biggrin: