1. I know it is still November, but we are getting close so....

    I cant see a thread for this already, unless I missed it... but I thought it would be fun to see what items people have on their Christmas list this year? For me, it is the palm springs mini but I don't hold much hope since I have been trying since September to even get on the waiting list! (any help would be greatly appreciated on that - i am in the UK) SLG wise I am hoping to find a little wallet under the tree - ZCP is top of that list!

    What about everyone else?
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  2. I would like a monogram bum bag for xmas. As for slg I would like the micro boite chapeau :heart:
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  3. I want the Paradiso Alma Mini I can’t find anywhere also want the favorite MM DA.
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  4. I'm hoping to track down a mono PA. I also have a Massaccesi bag on order. I'm trying to be "good" this Christmas since I went on a bender the 1st half of 2018 and I'm planning for a 50th B-Day splurge in early 2019.
  5. I asked my husband for a mon mini Pochette. I think it’s a thoughtful gift I can see myself keeping forever!!!
    C0158B20-0D34-4A54-8B6C-563A844FDEE9.jpeg DC57B657-B22D-47FB-88B5-39F5AB2553E7.jpeg
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  6. My hubby asked for Christmas ideas I suggested I do some looking online at LV! He said do it!
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