Christmas Wishlist Everyone!

  1. I know it is still November, but we are getting close so....

    I cant see a thread for this already, unless I missed it... but I thought it would be fun to see what items people have on their Christmas list this year? For me, it is the palm springs mini but I don't hold much hope since I have been trying since September to even get on the waiting list! (any help would be greatly appreciated on that - i am in the UK) SLG wise I am hoping to find a little wallet under the tree - ZCP is top of that list!

    What about everyone else?
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  2. I would like a monogram bum bag for xmas. As for slg I would like the micro boite chapeau :heart:
  3. I want the Paradiso Alma Mini I can’t find anywhere also want the favorite MM DA.
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  4. I'm hoping to track down a mono PA. I also have a Massaccesi bag on order. I'm trying to be "good" this Christmas since I went on a bender the 1st half of 2018 and I'm planning for a 50th B-Day splurge in early 2019.
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  5. I asked my husband for a mon mini Pochette. I think it’s a thoughtful gift I can see myself keeping forever!!!
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  6. My hubby asked for Christmas ideas I suggested I do some looking online at LV! He said do it!
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    I would like to receive a LV bag! I hinted my husband that I want one. He usually tell me when he knows what he want to get. This year he asked for a biker ring. He likes bikes and everything connected with them, so I decided to buy this 14k yellow gold dragon ring for him. Hopefully, he will like it.
  8. Great minds think alike. I was just thinking about starting a thread on everyone's Christmas lists. This sounds like a fun project just to hear what people wish for.

    I'm on super ban island, but if I were to get anything LV, Boite Chapeau Souple would be my choice. It's so whimsical and classic at the same time. But in reality, I don't need another bag. I just wish my family health and happiness, and peace.

    Happy holidays people!!!:smile::smile::smile:
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  9. You name it, I want it. :biggrin:

    On ban island. DH won’t be getting me any more designer stuff. Feels I have way too much. He’s right. :biggrin:

    If I get anything for Christmas, I would have to buy it myself. Hey I got an idea. I’ll put “From Santa” :lol:

    Now what do I want for Christmas? I have to think about it. :biggrin:
  10. I would love a small crossbody, like a croisette or a clapton or a bond st.
  11. I've wanted the round coin purse for the longest time, and I've been stalking them on eBay like a crazy lady. :biggrin: This morning I finally bit the bullet and got one in pristine condition as my birthday/Christmas present. Fingers crossed it arrives alright.
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  12. I have a wishlist for my mom but I can't decide which shawl to get her this Christmas. She's already had a new bag for her birthday and as she's always cold, I thought I could get something to keep her fashionably warm. :biggrin: She loves red, but I'm leaning towards the Brown or the So Shine for versatility. I remember reading the Shine shawls snag very easily though. Thoughts?
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  13. They do snag easily but it hasn't deterred me yet. I saw the So shine in store, someone was trying it on, looked amazing. Golds, browns and greens. Beautiful.
  14. The shine shawls are pretty. They all snag, it's just something you have to mentally prepare your mom for. I'd go for a neutral color. Something like light grey or beige based on her complexion. You can never go wrong going for skintone and she will get lots of wear out of it. Double win.
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  15. I would ️ a shine shawl in any color
    I would ️ if they made the Blanche in Scarlet by Christmas because I really would like a Scarlet bag but I feel the PM is a little big for my needs.
    I would also ️ another pair of LV sneakers in black
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