Christmas Prezzie reveals!!!!

  1. As its Christmas Eve,I thought I'd do a thread where we can all come and post,drool and gossip over our newbies!!! I think as its Christmas as well as Mulberry's I think we should share all our lovely new things on here if you want to!!!
    Ps I did this thread so if you all get p***ed its something to aim at!!! And thats the reason for the bold type too!!! Hahahaha!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!! I love you all,you've all become fantastic freinds!!xxxxxx:heart::love:
  2. I've just opened my one Christmas Eve box and gotten a beautiful Grey Patent Bayswater!! None of the Christmas Day presents will compare. Pictures to follow as I'm sure one of tomorrow's boxes has in it a new digital camera. I hope you all the Mulberry Bags of your dreams tomorrow! Happy Christmas!
  3. Another picture of beautilful Bayswater. Now with permission to use!!!:yahoo:

    Happy sales everyone!!!
  4. i've got a vintage mulberry coming in the post for christmas. bit late but understandable since it's the festive period and all. bought it off eBay from a tPF member too. will post pics when i get it. ;)
  5. i got a bayswater in oak on 23rd as thats my bday and a lovley paul smith purse for xmas. i have been ill for 4 days and had a crap xmas lost 1/2 stone, never had any xmas dinerr and thought i was dying so they managed to cheer me up! oh well only 364 days till next one:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. awwwwww honey!!! At least you have some killer stuff to stride out with in the New Year!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Ok,here is what I got!! Yippeeeee!!!!
    Black Annie.......Yay!!!
    White YSL Satchel...............lush!!!
    And a Heidi Klum diamond pendant...........all off Andy:love:

    OO,I have to add,all at sale or reduced prices and spread out over the year!!
    bags and stuff 092.JPG bags and stuff 095.JPG bags and stuff 102.JPG
  8. Hi there, I got something from the sale, but not for myself. My mother's xmas pressie is the Oxford!! I'll post it when it arrives (and God forbid that I'll fall for it myself when I see it IRL).

    Chaz, honey, you look good. Like a twentysomething Amanda Harlech. Love your pressies. I haven't opened my necklace package yet since I didn't want to do it in front of the whole family, but I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

    Eviemarie, sorry to here you've been ill. I was ill last night as well, but I was better this morning already. How about you and the Oxford?
  9. ^^Eviemarie, I just saw your post in the sales thread. You got your Oxford, congrats!
  10. Polearemil,you are such a sweetie!! Andy actually offered to do the pics,normally he just snorts and laughs calling me a bit deranged!!

    But I'm dying to see your necklace,from your post before it sounds so lovely, a bit different and unusual,I do love things like that,its weird but its only as I'm getting older am I finding the confidence to wear things like that and not give a stuff what anyone else thinks. I'm am waiting with bated breath!!!xxxxxxxx

    Hope you're feeling better now xxxxxx:heart:
  11. Whoa Chaz - you REALLY scored this Xmas:tup:. What brilliant gifts ( now I'm sorry I sold my Black Annie). Congrats -you look fab and Polaremil is spot-on, you do look like a twentysomething Amanda Harlech ( if you're not familiar with the name - google her - she's a muse/model for Chanel - gorgeous, incredibly stylish & classy and VERY rich !!!)

  12. Ok,I just googled her,and omg do you really think I look like HER??? God I am soooooo flattered!!!! I am suprised I have never heard of her before,she's a very beautiful classy lady,and a t 48 she is only 6 years older than me!!!! I think I will make her MY muse and style icon!! Very lovely to see a lady that age,doing the whole aging gracefully bit so well,I am truly inspired by her!!

    And wow!!! Thank you so much for that exceptionally flattering comparison,I don't quite know what to say except thank you very much!!!:love::heart:
  13. My pleasure - can you see the similarity yourself at all ? I'm always very happy to see 'maturer' role models. Came across some fab photos of Jane Birkin in the La Redoute
    catalogue the other day (why she was modelling for La Redoute I have no fact, what was I doing reading the La Redoute catalogue in the first place I have no idea either :confused1:?) and was very inspired and heartened by her style:yes:.

    Not that I want to give you a big head Chaz, but you really DON'T look 42:nogood:. I'm 45 ( 46 in March) and sadly I definitely look my age :sad:( what's your secret ?). Had a big mid-life crisis at the beginning of this year and changed my hair from peroxide blonde to raven black (unleashing my inner Goth). Morticia Addams has always been a role model and my family are easily as weird as hers:lol: !

    Anyway, what are we doing on TPF on Xmas evening ? I'm hiding while my DH clears up the kids mess and tries to persuade them that it's bedtime soon ( Good Luck)...what your excuse;) ?
  14. I can see a similarity in my pics and hers,but irl life its a lil bit different!!! But thats not stopping me being flattered,if you have a hunt on the Mulberry and Me thread you wil find my 'secret' I too had a bit of a crisis!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes,totally loving that more mature women are still regarded as having beauty and style,pee's me off that the way normal role models go it means your on the scrap heap by 22!!!

    And as for bedtime,we just stick Sophie in her cot,she has a nightlight so she'll play with her teddies for a bit and then go to sleep,when we go up to bed we pop in put her under her covers and tuck her in and thats usually it until 7.30/8.00 am.We're lucky she's too young to argue at the moment!!!!!!!!!
  15. :tup:Gosh, Sophie sounds like a good girl - you are lucky:yes:. Tilly, my four year old, has always been a bit of an iffy sleeper and these days finds every reason to detain us in her bedroom well after her bedtime has come and gone:cursing:. Don't even get me started on my big boy Joe ( 13yrs) - that's another (long) story for another day.

    Will check out your posting on 'Mulberry and Me' - crises are the new rock and roll you know:lol:.Joking apart, the crisis I had at the beginning of this year, which was basically walking away from a profession I'd been in for over twenty years, was one of the best things that has ever happened to me:yes:. It was all pretty horrible at the time:crybaby: but I feel like I've got my life (and my family) back after many years of being a stressed out zombie:sad:. Materially we're in a worse position as my job was very well paid, but what price happiness and sanity ? ( unfortunately still can't quite rid myself of the retail habit that was the perk of the large salary:rolleyes:- MUST TRY HARDER IN 2008 !)