Christmas gifts for tweener boy, need ideas!

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  1. Middle son 12, almost 13.

    Too old for toys, doesn't want clothes...doesn't want video games.

    Has Ipod, guitar (and lessons), cell phone. There were a few books he wanted, but let the aunts and uncles get him those.

    Got him pirates 2 DVD, and movie gift certificates...and now I am stuck. Any good ideas?
  2. That age is SOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD!
    Think of his there somewhere fun he'd like to go?Maybe tickets somewhere?
    We have an aquarium by us..and for 100 dollars..You get to swim with sharks..PHH LOVES that stuff..LOL...or maybe tickets to a game he likes?
    Otherwise.I give gift cards...SUCH a tough in between age!
  3. How about gift cards to places like starbucks or best buy? Or even a Visa gift card? I was looking at a portable DVD/Ipod vido screen thing that you could play movies on that was only $150.

    Good luck!
  4. That^^^ Visa gift card is the BEST idea!!!! It will make him feel grown up to have his own Visa, and then he can get what he wants!!
  5. How about this clock which is made from a repurposed CD (please note that one should not give a clock to a Chinese friend as the Cantonese word for "clock" sounds like the Cantonese word for "funeral"):

    Etsy :: CD Clock with Numbers


    Since your son has a guitar, how about something guitar-related?

    Etsy :: Acoustic Guitar Vinyl Cuff


    Etsy :: Vinyl Record Cuff Bracelet with Guitar charm Retro


    Etsy :: Puzzle Piece Guitar Strap


    Etsy :: Rocket Ship Guitar Pick Holder

  6. Thanks everyone for your ideas...and for comiserating, what an age :sad:
  7. OMG what a great thread...haven't thought about my cousin dohhp
  8. hmmm....hard age. I would say gift cards, maybe a digital camera. A nice watch or wallet, magazine subscriptions, CDs. Hope this helps.
  9. i know you said he doesn't want video games, but if he has a ps2 (the playstation that's been out for a while), then get him one of the guitar hero games! it comes with a huge guitar controler and you play along to the riffs of famous songs. it's SO much fun, we have it on display at work and boys that age (or anyone, really) will stand there and play it for hours. since he likes guitars, he might like that even if he doesn't like average video games. it's really different than anything else!
  10. Subscription to Netflix? (The online video store where you make a list of what movies you like. They'll send you three with prepaid postage envelopes and when you're done watching them you send them back and they'll send you three more.)

    Netflix: Welcome To Netflix - Rent DVDs Online - Free Trial

    My dad got a subscription from my brother for Father's Day. Then he got one as a thank you from a family friend. My parents seem to enjoy it.
  11. My nephew is 11 and for the past few years has asked for money for every Christmas and Birthday present. He's saving for a Hummer, and he has quite a nice little stash started.

    I was thinking about getting him a digital camera instead, though. He loves taking pictures with his cell phone, so I think he'd like a camera.
  12. Is he into sports? Get him tickets to a hockey game? Or what about a hockey stick? Can you tell I'm totally Canadian? sigh.
  13. I second GUITAR HERO! *strums air guitar* *hangs head for being lame*
  14. i hate video games and love guitar hero. if i owned it, i would have flunked out of college by now.
  15. what about the new tone cards for cingular (its only for cingulars customers though)... what about an 50 or 25 dollar itunes card?