Christmas/Congrats present for my bf!

Hi ladies, this bag is all wrapped up in Coach tissue at the moment so I can't take a real pic, but I just picked up this bag for my boyfriend for Christmas and as a congrats present for his new job! He needed one, he was carrying around a Samsonite suitcase as a briefcase in law school.


It's on the Coach website right now for $548 I think, but I got it at the outlet for a little over $200 with tax, not bad, eh? I can't tell him how much it cost, though, because he'll wonder why I didn't get him a Wii instead :rolleyes:

I thought I'd post the pic and the note about the bag in case anyone would like an excuse to go to the Coach outlet and needs an idea for a bf gift. I have a Coach Hamptons carryall that I use for school, I'll have to post a couple's Coach bag shot once he opens the bag at Christmas!
Great messenger bag! I can totally relate to the whole Wii thing--my husband needs a messenger bag for work, but I know he wants a Wii!. Great price on the bag too--I'm going to have to check out the outlet.