Christine Centenera Style Thread

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  1. In black.
  2. Omg, I have no idea she is half Filipino . Love her
  3. Love this blazer!
  4. styledumonde
  5. gastrochic
    christine-centenera-at-schiaparelli-couture-FW2014-1.jpg christine-centenera-at-schiaparelli-couture-FW2014-2.jpg
  6. Designer Josh Goot and Vogue fashion editor Christine Centenera arrives at the David Jones Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Launch at David Jones Elizabeth Street Store on July 30, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. zimbio
    David+Jones+2014+Collection+Launch+Arrivals+f64hnnvMtNRx.jpg Christine+Centenera+Arrivals+David+Jones+Collection+hVXtfa80elwx.jpg
  7. The look for DJ is too frumpy.. and her makeup kinda looks like a mess :sad:
  8. Love everything about the last look.
  9. her makeup is terrible in the last pic. Her skin is beyond shiny and it looks like her eye makeup is running.
  10. London Fashion Week stylebistro
  11. something is different about her .. it's in the face
  12. Her hair line looks quite strange. Maybe she gets it lasered
  13. I spy threaded hairline, botched eyebrows, and subtle rhinoplasty

    seriously, she should use an eyebrow kit to fill in her eyebrows instead of an pencil eye liner that has not been sharpened