Christina Covering Up Baby Bump?

  1. Christina Aguilera covers up her potential baby bump while holding a news conference promoting her Shanghai concert on Monday in China.
    At the press conference, Christina expressed her interest in acting: “I am looking forward to moving into another form of what I feel is another creative outlet for me and that would be acting. It is something that, when I attempt to do it, I want to do it right so it’s important for me that I do choose the right first role for myself.”
    Christina will perform her first mainland China concert at the Shanghai Grand Stage on Tuesday.

    Cute outfit, but I'm not a fan of her maku-up.
    christina-aguilera-baby-bump-01.jpg christina-aguilera-baby-bump-02.jpg christina-aguilera-baby-bump-03.jpg christina-aguilera-baby-bump-04.jpg christina-aguilera-baby-bump-05.jpg
  2. A few more pics.
    christina-aguilera-baby-bump-07.jpg christina-aguilera-baby-bump-08.jpg christina-aguilera-baby-bump-09.jpg
  3. Oh I hope she is! :heart:
  4. I wish she'd wear a dress with less folds so we can see her bump (if she has one) lol! But she does look very cute in that outfit.
  5. she would make a beautiful expectant mum
  6. She looks great!
  7. Gorgeous woman
  8. Aw, I hope so much she is pregnant, she seems like she would be an amazing mother, and her husband seems like such a nice guy, a genuine 'Hollywood' couple!
  9. It's possible - but she looks completely stunning!
  10. oooh I WANT that dress! badly! :drool: i hope she is pregnant, she will be a lovely mum!
  11. I don't know if she's pregnant or not, but she sure looks good!
  12. Very cute dress and if there is a bump it is very well hidden, so mission accomplished! I hope she is preggers though, that would be too cute!
  13. love the dress but leaning over like that is just tacky to me (and maybe a little less makeup) - good for them if she is preggers.
  14. That is a pretty dress and I love her shoes. I think that she has to much makeup on though.
  15. she looks gorgeous... but i still think she needs to tone down the makeup... her face is so naturally pretty, and doesn't need all that!

    i love the dress... i can't really see much of a bump, but she looks fantastic!