Christian Dior Gaucho FRAME Bag - Interesting!

  1. It seems like Gaucho talk has slowed down a bit lately...

    So I was curious to see how they were doing on ebay. I came across this style I haven't seen or heard of before...a framed Gaucho!


    The swingy rustic vibe of the Gaucho doesn't seem to lend itself well to a structured framed, IMO. What do you think?
  2. Ack. I want to say no, no, no ... the whole point of the Gaucho is to give a more utilitarian, boho kind of feel. But the framing ... says uptight to me, which completely clashes with the way the bag's design and leather look.
  3. thumbs down for me
  4. nay .... it's a "confusing" bag KWIM?
  5. too much going on for me
  6. I like it and I think it's unique but I don't think I will pay for the price though. BTW What is the real retail price from Dior?