Christian Dior & Dior

  1. Does anyone know why Christian Dior is now goes as Dior only? Thanks.
  2. Unify branding efforts.
  3. I think is just for marketing purposes. They still use Christian Dior in their cloths.
  4. my dustbag says Dior. ^^
  5. I think the Christian Dior was licensed out a lot and they are trying to buy them all back and unify under Dior (as was mentioned before).
  6. I agree w/ someone. . . they still go by Christian Dior in their clothing, maybe it's an accessories label>{?}
  7. Its funny because some Dior boutiques have shopping bags that say Christian Dior and some say just Dior. :rolleyes:
  8. :shrugs:
  9. the mens is called Dior Homme, yet all the neck tags/dustbags/boxes read Dior.
  10. In 2002 when I purchased my first dior logo pochette and matching belt, the paper bag and the dust bag were labeled Christian Dior. When I recently purchased a the new St. Germain belt in Rome last month, the bag and dust bag is labelled only Dior. I guess they are doing some "cleaning" in the company;)
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