Choosing between...Alexa and Leah!

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    Hello everyone :smile:

    So my birthday is coming up (well, not before end of nov..) but my boyfriend likes to be early prepared and wants me to tell him what my wishes are...He wants to get me a new bag, but as he says he has no idea what to get me without my help :smile: And to be honest... I have big difficulties deciding myself! I definitely know I want a new Mulberry, but that is the only thing I know for sure. So I was hoping for some tips or experiences from someone here! I would love to see photos aswell if you have a photo of the bag special in your heart you would like to share!

    I know these are two very different bags, but I think had my heart set on an oversized Alexa or a Leah Messenger. I have wanted the Alexa since it came out, but after reading through the forum and from friends' experiences I have heard the quality is not too good etc? I really like the look of it though and even though it is a "it" bag it feels classical enough too me.

    With the Leah I have just recently opened my eyes for her, and I especially like the new blue one. I guess having a very blue bag is not for the most practical use, but I think the color is so beautiful and could lighten up any outfit. I could of course do another color aswell. I haven't seen that many photos (and cant find?) of how she looks like on, so I would love if anyone have any photos. Does anyone have any experiences with Leah messenger at all?

    And yes, as mentioned, I know these are two quiet different bags in size and use, but there is no specific need I am trying to fulfill, I am just looking for another love...:smile: I love them both, it is so hard to decide! What are the pros and cons?

    Hope to hear from you :smile:

    xx nilie
  2. #2 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    Just wanted to say welcome- I dont have OS alexa or the leah - love the latter though - Im sure I will have a look at it in oxblood- Im sure someone who has one or other will be along soon to give you some good advice- what a lovely boyfriend you have- hang on to that one!!
  3. Thank you for your warm welcome :smile:! Yes, I love them both, such hard choices (but a luxury problem - of course!)..

    Thank you, I will hang onto him forever if I can.. :love:
  4. aw thats sweet!! A man who happily buys you Mulberry bags is a keeper
  5. haha, well, I am not too sure how happily it is, but let's hope so ;)
  6. which bags do you have already- as I now know you have a black mitzy hobo too? Just trying to help in your decision- as well as being nosy... lol
  7. Well I have both, and can say they are v v different. Large Alexa is v v roomy, you can put everything in it and it will take you everywhere. Leah is much more of a tactile bag, it will still hold everything you could possibly need for everyday use and more, but not as large ofcourse as the os Alexa. Of the two, I would say the Leah hand on heart is the better made and the more luxurious, but I do love the messenger style of the Alexa so you will be happy with either!

    I know I am not helping v much ;)

    My friend has the Alexander McQueen faithful bag in the vibrant blue which is almost identical to the Mulberry blue, and it goes with everything. I wasnt sure that it would, but it really realy does, so its a v useable colour and has that gorgeous burst of colour.

    Its a lovely decision to make.
  8. lol it's great that you are trying to help me with me decision :smile: of Mulberry's I have the large black mitzy hobo and oak bayswater. The bayswater I haven't used in a long time, but I use the mitzy for every-day use (I study work/part time, so it is a good bag to carry around a lot of stuff)!
  9. Where did you find your boyfriend?!:P

    I want one who buys me Mulberry handbags
  10. Oh chloe-babe, you are so lucky having them both! But I know I am lucky to getting to choose from one of them... They are both truly amazing! Which color do you have the Leah in? I like the other colors it comes in as well! It is interesting how it is cheaper than Alexa but still feels more luxurious. I guess that is an important factor to consider! Thank you lots for your advices!

    On a different note, do you girls believe the Leah blue will sell out very quickly? I live in Australia (perth) so my only option for finding Mulberry bags is online unfortunately!
  11. steph22, I found him in Sweden!!! :smile:
  12. Fab- the bays is a classic and the mitzy is your workhorse so now you can cease being practical and just go with the one you love- Id say leah as the leather seems so lovely - another classic!! and as you are tiny maybe look at a regular alexa for a smaller treat bag?
  13. I think oxblood will sell out quickly as it is the it colour- Im tempted myself
  14. I haven't seen the Leah in oxblood, but I believe it would be amazing! Can't find a picture either? Hopefully they wont all sell out too early. I really like the blue one. :smile:
  15. That is two nice bags to choose from.

    I love both the styles as well. I think you should pic the one that makes your heart jump the most.
    The oxblood leah is not gonna be sold on, just in a few stores in the uk. Its not so easy for us that lives far away from any mulberryshop!

    I also found my bf in sweden :nuts: