Choose three bag colors that are a must have and that can go with many things!

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  1. Hiiii everyone!!

    Ok so listen, if a person wanted to have 3 handbags in 3 basic colors that go with everything for example:

    A black bag with silver hardware
    A beige bag with gold hardware
    A grey bag

    these 3 bags' colors are the essential colors that can go with as many other color palettes as possible. Do you get what I'm trying to ask? Lol

    Do u agree with my colors or do you have different essential 3 colors ??
  2. Well i personally don't like black or beige bags and don't have any in these colours.
    My personal top 3 colour that go with anything are:
    Purple (i prefer with gold hardware).
    Medium dark or dark blue (gold or silver hardware)
    Grey (rose gold or silver hardware), agree with you on grey.
    I have multiple bags in these colours and for me they are great replacement for basic black.
  3. Black, Cognac, Red are my top three.:smile:
  4. Cognac, red and dark green for me
  5. I love bags in all colors, but when I think about what I carry most, here are the top 3:

    1. Grey
    2. Olive green
    3. Dark brown and purple would be close followers.
  6. black, brown and red
  7. I have in my collection: 2 gray; 1 saddle colored; 1 black and 2 brown. My clothing is colorful so I don't feel comfortable wearing a beautiful, bright colored bag. I do admire them however. I am still waiting for a handbag to come out that is just the right color purple-aubergine in a nappa leather.
  8. black
  9. White, teal/turquoise, printed/monogram
  10. Black, Saddle and a really rich blue. But I think one needs a glorious red too' :smile:
  11. Black


  12. black
    saddle or some shade of brown

    then green (military or olive) or grey or plum
  13. Navy blue

    Dark brown


    Not a fan of black bag :smile:
  14. I would say the same. :smile:
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    For me I like cognac color bags as I think they are the neutral that goes with everything. My other necessary colors are blue (because I wear jeans a lot) and black.