CHOICES!? - 09-officer OR 10-sang / city OR giant city?!

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  1. Okay, so its gonna be my first bal. bag and i'm now having difficulties choosing between either the blue officer, or the true red sang.

    I've always had this obsession towards red, i just love red and sang is such a lovely colour, but on the other hand, officer seems to be a better colour to go with different outfits.

    Then, to go for the city or giant city? is giant city heavy? with all those hardware i mean..? giant city seems to be more eye-catching than city i guess? I am really struggling now :S
  2. I'd say Officier would be easier to wear with most outfits, too (but not with black!). But Sang is SUCH a beautiful true red.

    Is your wardrobe more conservative/dressy or more casual? If you don't want anything too flashy, go for Officier and/or RH City. But for a little more POP, go with Sang and/or GSH or GGH City. Since it'll be your first, I would go with a classic RH City. Then add on a Giant City later (cuz you'll surely want more!). I'm not sure about GH bags being heavier. Perhaps a little. The leather on some GH bags do feel slightly thicker. The handles feel sturdier too since the stitches are doubled.

    Also, if your choice is not limited to just these two colors, how about Anthracite? The charcoal/grey color will definitely go with most outfits, and since you like Officier, you can look for one with strong blue undertones. Anthracite also looks great in GSH, too. It would be a safe choice for your first Bbag.

    Good luck on making your decision!
  3. I say go with your heart even if it seems not so practical, after all it's an expensive purchase so you might as well really love it:smile:
    I think it depends if you like the giant hardware or not I think it's just personal taste, it's also a bit more pricey than a regular hardware bag, but I also heard that the leather is often thicker on these.
  4. I like the giant hardware with more neutral bags but not as much on bright colors. It seems like too much bling on the bright colors and I think those bags can stand on their own. I have a city w/GH and it's not too heavy. The city is such a comfortable and versatile bag to wear I don't worry to much with its weight. Take a look at your bag collection and get one that would help round it out the most.
  5. I think I would be officier just because I really love bright colors too, but the truth it when I bought all the bright colors, i end up using them MUCH less than the darker colors that i own..brown black despite my LOVEE and obsession for bright colors, I am now buying more neutral/dark colors just because I really like to use my bag and I don't like to keep a bag in the closet and not using it. But if you would use red all the time which I know people do, then go for it...
  6. Why wouldn't Officier go with black? I'd wear anything and everything with an Officier. I feel, like tan or brown, blue is a true neutral when it comes to bags.

    I vote for an Officier City with Regular Hardware because I love the tassels. While Bal has tons of amazing colors, I think it's nice to get a neutral color first and then go wild with your next purchase. You want to be able to carry your bag without having to hesitate on whether or not it matches with your outfit. That's something I never worry about (no color shock here) but I know there are a lot of people who do, which is understandable.

    If you still can't make a decision just go with your gut. Either way you win because you're getting a Bal. :nuts:
  7. officer all the way!
    i am planning for my first bal bag and i am trying to decide between officer, black, and sapphire.
    oh and definitely get the giant hardware (i love gold) it just makes the bag so much more pretty and flashy imo.
    Officer + GGH = pure beauty
  8. #8 Feb 24, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010

    It's just my "personal" rule for my wardrobe. :smile: I never mix dark blue with black cuz they seem to contradict each other but that's just me. :P I guess if you're not wearing all black and carrying an Officier, it would be okay.

    ITA on going wild on the next purchase!
  9. I just reread my comment, I hope it didn't come off snappish. I was just surprised you didn't like Officier with Black. :smile: Of course this comes from someone who carries a Pommier Day with any and every outfit. I think everything goes with everything, within reason. :biggrin:
  10. Both? It is just too hard to choose between these two. Perhaps Officer as a first bag is better because it will go with everything. Officer RH sounds just about perfect.

  11. Oh no no, not at all! :smile: I hope I didn't sound as if I was giving an order, like: "Don't you dare wear black with dark blue!" LOL

    Well, with Bbags we can never go wrong with any outfit. ;)
  12. Officier all the way and preferably GGH city. It's the perfect shade of navy. Just divine.
  13. IMHO both colors are neutrals-red goes with just about anything (like a great pair of red shoes anytime you want to add punch to an outfit) and navy is like jeans-again, wear with anything!
    I'm a GH fan to the end-RH bags are stunning but GH just says "me" more, especially gsh. You have to decide which style calls to you more (and GH is not much heavier than RH at all-but this is coming from someone who is used to lugging around heavy as bricks Chloes).....
  14. though I love balenciaga reds, I would say officier GGH or at least GSH. . . this combination is just to die for!
  15. Hi winnnieee,
    I think you just bought an Officier gsh City from your friend, I saw it in the Identify thread. I'm 90% positive it's an Officier color.

    Congrats, it's a great color!