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  1. OMG I have just ordered a choccy Poppy from Mulberry :yahoo:. Sorry I'm so excited as I really, really wanted this bag & thought I had missed out. Just keeping my fingers crossed now that I love her when she turns up.
  2. Awww ... good for you! When will she turn up?
  3. Gosh, Congrats TiffanyS! I think you must have got the last one, since now it's says 'Out of Stock'. Great bargain!! I'm sure you love it.
  4. Thanks, I think it should be with me early next week. I'm so happy, I can't believe I got one.
  5. Is it the small poppy, the same as Griddlebones?

    Well done, if you got the last one - I can't wait to see photos.
  6. Congrats! Poppy is a great bag, easy to carry and so light. Well done!
  7. Congratulations hon, it is a cute bag, did you get the medium sized one or small one?
  8. Oh well done Tiffany, isn't it fab when you manage to catch a bag you really, really want. Looking forward to seeing pics.
  9. Hi it's the medium one (I love the cute small one but need a bigger bag). I'm really looking forward to owning a choccy bag, maybe it will stop me eating the stuff!!
  10. Fab, well done! Looking forward to those happy modelling pics.
  11. FAb, it looks gorgeous. I was very tempted with this one too but think I've spent enough
  12. Good call, great size, good all rounder, congratulations Tiffany!
  13. Lovely Tiffany, love this bag in this colour, congrats!
    Looking forward to a reveal :yes:
  14. Congrats Tiffany.
    I have this bag and its just fantastic, totally practical and lovely to use.

    How much did you bag it for in the end! :smile:
  15. Choccywoccydoodah back atcha!!!! :roflmfao: Congratulations Tiffany, that is one beautiful bag!