Chloes on sale at Bloomingdales NYC

  1. There was a big table of sale Chloes at Bloomingdales in NYC (59th/Lex location) They were 30% off. I didn't see any paddies, Bays, or ediths, but I DID see some really pretty Ava bags (in chocolate brown and whiskey brown) as well as the denim logo totes. There were also some chocolate brown silverados that I *think* were part of the sale too.
  2. I saw those - were the silverados chocolate? They were so dark I thought they were black.

    I wish those Avas came in black - they are so cute and the leather is nice!
  3. maybe they were black! I got distracted while I was there so I didn't take a really good look. :p

    I agree, the Ava leather is sooo pretty.
  4. Thanks!! You always find the good deal:tup:
  5. I stopped by the Bloomies in SoHo today and they had a handful of bags on sale - oddly, some that are on sale at the 59th & Lex location were not on sale at the SoHo location (like the Avas). However, they had a sale table with a handful of the denim logo totes, three of the smaller silverados (black, whiskey, and light brown), and a tekla in champagne (which is really, really pretty, with chocolate straps). All of the ones on the sale table were 30% off. They had some Marc Jacobs wallets and D&G bags on the sale tables, too.
  6. Toni at Mall of America told me that the ava only came in Moka & Antelope. But I agree, I wish it came in black too!!!