Chloe's Disappointing Collection for Spring 2007 at Paris Fashion Week

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    Critics weren't expecting much from Chloe at their show for Spring 2007 at Paris Fashion Week, and unfortunately, they didn't deliver much either. Their head designer, Phoebe Philo, left in January, and so obviously was not too concerned with creating the label's greatest Spring collection ever. The few handbags sent out on the runway were rather droll, strappy affairs, girls, definitely don't count on Chloe delivering another 'It' bag for at least another year, I'm afraid.
  2. I've seen the Bay in real life and i think it is not the new paddy but i think it is more lovely than the Edith or the Tracey..
    In february i will receive a Bay and i just can't wait!
  3. :sad: I have to say, i don't like...:sad:
    Even though some of their other styles have come close, nothing quite compares to the cult status of the paddy, IMO.:smile:

    But, congrats on your Bay purchase, l_b! :yes:
  4. i wonder if it'll grow on me with time, but i don't love it... it looks a little too busy. :/
  5. I like the plain Bay a lot. I think with most of the new bags, you have to see and feel them IRL to really appreciate them. They are not as editorial, but each are great in their own way. So I have a feeling that these will grow on people, slowly.
  6. Im not feeling it at the moment
  7. i am unfortunately feeling them ;)

    oh, and the shoes of course!

    now, nobody can say that they are not feeling these :biggrin:
  8. oooh I can hardly breath when I look at the pics of the 2nd shoe. I want it so badly i could cry!!! - got to wait till March for release apparantly, but if anybody see them anywhere, please shout loud :biggrin:
  9. LLLLLLOOOVE the shoes,
    I have a pair very very similar to the first pair, by Stephanie Kelian, in black.
  10. those bags look a bit boring to me but maybe they'll grow on for the shoes WOW! i LOVE the first pair
  11. I really like the "profile" of the bay. The second pair of shoes are awesome!!!!
    Are they showing matching patent bags with the shoes?
    Are they mixing leathers?
  12. I must say that I saw the Bay in the Neiman Marcus catalogue and liked it even before I realized it was a Chloe. I think, like most fashion items, these will grow on people eventually.
  13. Those shoes are soooo HOT!
  14. Those shoes are something else. I don't think I could walk in them but I would look good standing there. :supacool:
  15. I am a shoe designer (okay - I do women's athletic) and I think these shoes are TO-DIE-FOR cool. I will be hunting down either in my size when they are released even though wearing them I will be literally 6 foot 4 - or 5!!!! They are such originals - fresh and funky. But I have to say the bags leave me a tad underwhelmed.