Chloe Wedge Clogs???

  1. What do you think of these?
  2. I'm really not a clogs person but I find it so 70's. I think its a cool pair of clogs.

  3. I think they are Okay. Now the Paddy boots..I LOVE!!
  4. Yeah I just realized that I already have a Born clog that is really similar and was a fraction of the price. I love the look of the wedge clog though.
  5. What are the wedge heels made of - ? can't tell from the pic or it's my eyes :lol:
  6. Nope- not your eyes, the thumb is pretty small. They are made from wood and are 4 inches tall. I can't tell how much platform is under the covered toe. My Borns are really comfortable though- there is no way you can kick them off.

  7. same here!i don't weare clogs but these are very cute!:yes:
  8. I like wood wedges!
  9. Love those shoes!!
  10. I like them for sure
  11. Adorable clogs. The shoe version is cute, too.