Chloe Tbar flats


    I ADORE these shoes :love: and want some really bad, however good the price is on sale i just cant justify it for flats 5"3er here. Also if i could *which i would eventually* i cant afford them now as im saving for my gucci bag which i do want more. Anybody know of any cheaper versions i seen some on faith shoes *which i can very much afford* website let me know what you think.

    There is also a heeled version on here which i also love, maybe they'd be more practical because of the height? but i do love a good pair of flats and could wear the flats to work also :yes:

    all help is very much appreciated TIA

    Hannah xxx
  2. I have never been keen on the t bar to be brutally honest. I think the Chloe ones are cute, but they are a different league to the faith ones! but of course the price is sooo different.
    If you had shown us the faith ones without comparing them to the Chloe, I would have said for 25 pounds they are quite cute, but after seeing the Chloe ones, they just look very cheap :sad:
    Sorry, hope you do not mind me being blunt about these ones! :smile:
  3. I like the chloe ones!
  4. I thought I liked the Chloe ones until I tried them on, honestly I hated them on. Have you tried them on? It might cure you.
  5. chloe-babe! not at all!!! thanks for your honesty and i know what you mean about them looking cheap. I would usually splurge for the chloe ones but 1. im saving for london and 2. i have very very wide feet so i would wreck them.

    I think i might just pass on these and get some others.

    Thanks all :biggrin:
  6. Actually the heeled version looks like alot of the high-end shoes that have been shown for fall. I don't know if it looks cheap or not, hard to say if the shoe isn't seen in person.
  7. yer i know what you mean sometimes a shoe looks really classy then you see it and its trashy but i think ill check them out no hurt in looking is there so ill go check 'em out and see how they look and fit.
  8. ooooooooo thanks ill check 'em out n pop into store to see if theyve got any