Chloe Spring 06

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  1. Did you see the collection? What do you think? Apart from the paddington and silverado, am not very impressed, especially these ones.

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  2. The black one is OK, but nothing special. I wouldn't pay "Chloé" prices for it. I've never been a fan of python, and that one just seem over the top to me.
  3. I like these from Summer 06. The white one seem heavy though.

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  4. I like the Edith (first picture) but in the Whisky leather, not the suede. I'm waiting to see one in person before I take the plunge, but I like the look of the bag. I love the Kerala's too, but no one seems to have the smaller ones available in the brown/whisky color.

  5. Now i like these
  6. Those are much better than the first 2 bags posted....much better. Then again, I really don't like python or snake-skin bags, only because of my huge fear of reptiles!


  7. I like these more than the 1st pics. The white bag does seem heavier than the others though. That might be a pain. The first pics are ok but nothing great and original.
  8. i am really glad i picked up my chloe's earlier, last tw0-three season ago.
  9. I still like their classic paddington satchel over all. ::dreaming of a bordeaux::
  10. Me too - the Paddington is my favorite Chloe, although the Silverado is a close second.
  11. I liked what I saw - seems like a mix of the classic styles with some new ones tossed in.
    I liked the color pallets. I wish they would do less python styles though, that is just my opinion; but, as someone who truly has a snake phobia I can't even touch the skin of a snake...:shame:
  12. :sad: I agree with kk1668, other than the Paddy and Silverado I'm not impressed. Can't wait to get my tan Silverado ... it's on pre-order!:sad: