Chloe Small Woody Tote in Leather

Apr 22, 2018
Hi everyone, is the small leather Woody tote’s shoulder strap detachable? I couldn’t tell from the pictures. If not, then I won’t consider it.

I tend to do thorough research before I decide to purchase a bag. It does cost quite a bit, so I want to be sure it’s something I’ll definitely use.

Also, do you think this bag will go out of style in a year or two? I know Chloe bags don’t hold their values, and I don’t buy bags to resell. However, frankly, I am not a fan of the logos on the straps.

That was why I thought about getting Loewe Puzzle before. But, that price tag is just too steep for me to justify it. When the Puzzle was first released, the price wasn’t this crazy. It’s now selling for $4750 plus taxes where I am.

Should I buy the Woody tote given that I have similar bags?
- Mulberry Lily in medium
- Chanel Boy in old medium
- Mulberry Bayswater
- Polene Numero Un

They are all crossbody bags.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!