Chloe Small Sally in Black or Chanel Classic Medium Flap in black lambskin

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  1. Ok so Chanel is considered a classic and high quality which is why im so tempted..but what puts me off is probably mainly the fact that everyone seems to have either the real thing, the fake or the the prices are like omg crazy

    The good thing about the Sally is that not many people have one or anything so similar, they dont seem to have swamped the market like the paddington did once upon a time..certainly a bonus for me plus the fact its a very pretty bag. However, i will not be purchasing either until late next year, I can pretty much guarantee I can get hold of the Chanel with no issues but if I choose the Sally I may not be able to get hold of one next year...

    I need to actually go and look at both bags IRL to make up my mind (which will probably be changed a week after I make my decision) but it would be interesting to see which all of you choose..
  2. My vote goes to the Chanel flap, since you already have a few Chloe's in your collection.

    I'm a lambskin lover and nothing beats the soft and luxurious feel of a lambskin flap, IMO :love:
  3. I agree with Nat - nothing beats lambskin! :love:

    But I think that your logic about the Sally's scarcity - plus I am a Chloe fiend, so I vote for the Sally!!!
  4. Chanel - love how soft the lambskin is plus its such a classic.
  5. chanel forsure!!
  6. i'd go for the chanel, but the chloe sally is great too. i think it really depends on what goes with your style more, and what's more of a hole in your collection. the sally is much more casual looking.
  7. chanel! :tup:
  8. Chanel.
  9. Chloe Sally.

    Chanel is just too homogeneous, IMO.
  10. Chanel all the way!!!!:graucho:
  11. I have the purple sally and love her.
  12. Gotta go with the Chanel on this one. :smile:
  13. Chanel will always be timeless! :love:

  14. You have answered to your question.

    Chloe Sally. Chanel lambskin is indeed luxurious; it's timeless which means it'd always be there. I don't think you'll be happier if you get the Chanel now, right? You'd still be thinking of the Sally.
  15. ^ Good answer. :biggrin: