Chloe silverado python..

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  1. Is it still in?? It's currently in my wish list but I still don't own one because of its price, I guess. What do you guys think?? Is it still in or out?? Any opinions??
  2. I think it's beautiful! There was one on Bluefly yesterday. With a coupon code it came out to be a decent price.
  3. ^^I agree, find it on bluefly if the price is holding you back :biggrin:
  4. Depending on the color, there are still some gorgeous ones of these out there. I defintely don't think you'll regret owning one and compared to other python bags, the Silverado's style and quality is superior IMO. Bluefly is a good suggestion (although I've personally never looked for them on there) - otherwise, with some effort, you might be able to track down a past-season one if the new ones are out of your price range. It's a beautiful bag and I'd definitely keep searching for one.
  5. This is the one that was on Bluefly yesterday for $1996. With a coupon code (15% off) it would have been: $1696.60. That would have been a nice deal for a Python Chloe.

  6. wow.. yeah.. what color is it?? gold?? was it a medium?? that's pretty. but they're gone now, aren't they?? *sigh*
  7. I purchased a chocolate python silverado this season. It is gorgeous! Good luck with your search!