chloe silverado doctor

  1. I got lucky after reading about the sale at BG on the Deals and Steals page on Monday and was able to order this bag in chocolate, size large but now I have buyer's remorse. I'm thinking it was too much of an impulse. They don't really sell these anywhere now so I'm wondering if its out of style. what do you think of this bag? I did want to get a chanel bag before the feb price increases but i'm not sure if the style I want is still available.
  2. i love the silverado...
    i actually like it more than the paddy. :p
  3. are you kidding?! i love the chloe silverado!!! i'm jealous! i wish i can get one.
  4. I bought mine a while ago, and I thought it was too bit, but it grows on you.. I love mine:smile:

  5. If it's a choice between the Silverado and the Chanel (any Chanel!) get the Chanel.

    If it's 'simply' buyer's remorse and you're not really loving the bag...I would return it (if possible).
  6. octnybride: Did you order from, or did you go to BG? I've only seen the tan on the website. I really wanted the chocolate.
  7. Just when I think I want to sell my chocolate doctor, I find myself carrying it and getting compliments. What I found surprising is that I have had 2 men compliment me on my bag and wanting to get one for their wives.