Chloe Silverado Anaconda Tote on Sale!

  1. I was visiting my local Nordstrom today and they had a Silverado Anaconda Tote on sale. It had been $3400 and now it is at $1300. Sorry I was not thinking and I did not put it on hold. Neiman Marcus has this bag available online for full price. It is the same color as the one at Nordstrom - Muscat is what NM calls the color. I did not really check the bag out to see if there was anything wrong with it. Here is the number of the store in case anyone is interested: .(303) 799-3400. This the Nordstrom at Park Meadows in Colorado. Good luck!:smile:
  2. I got this bag about a month ago ..... so beautiful and slouchy!
    I hope someone gets this!
  3. I bought this bag on sale from Nordies in Mastic, you are right, its beautiful and slouchy.