chloe shopper nyc

  1. hey girls!

    i was at century21 in nyc today and they had about 5 or 6 of the large shopper style bags marked down from 1800 to 899... they were a camel color and in the glass case in the handbags department. might be a deal for someone:tup:

    also scored some red chloe moccasins for about 175 and some marc jacobs pumps. good shopping day!
  2. DO yau have pics of the moccasins? Did you getthose at century 21 also?
  3. You can see the mocassins at NAP in other colors. Totally darling shoes. Payless has knocked them off for Fall. That is a great price!!! Does century 21 do phone sales?
  4. That is a fab price! I can get all colors at that!

  5. Hi That is where I purchased the Chloe and had the Chloe tpfers tell me it was a superfake! The heatstamp was way off on the padlock and the serial# was incorrect
  6. :wtf: OMG.... thats scary! Thanks for the heads up:yes:
  7. that's awful! and while $899 is a big markdown from $1800... i could never imagine paying that price for a fake:tdown: i can't imagine even buying a fake... thanks for the heads up!