Chloe Patchwork Bag

  1. I was wondering if anyone owns the Chloe patchwork bag, and if so could post some actual pics of it..
    I've never seen it and can't quite picture how it's size wise..

    Or if anyone has seen it irl, what do you think of it? How does the size compare to f.ex. a balenciaga city? It 's called the Large Chloe patchwork bag, but it doesn't look so large in the pics. And there are no pictures on NAP where it's held by a mannequin, so I have no clue.

    What am I to expect if I order one? And for those that have seen it - is it worth it?

  2. It is very large. Maybe a good 15" 16" across the width, maybe more. It is very soft, so it does sag a lot. There was a thread a couple of months ago discussing this with some photos. Do a search and you should be able to find it.
  3. Thanks! I'll do a search and see if I can find more info.

    What do you mean by very large? (I'll have to convert those inches into centimeters to get a perspective)

    What bag would you compare it to size wise? Large like a Balenciaga work? Would you say it's a lot larger than the paddy for instance?

    I'll appreciate any other opinions on it as well, girls!
  4. errr.. i must be stupid but i can't seem to find the search function. can anyone please direct me?
  5. I cannot find it either??
  6. Think the search function is disabled at the moment.