chloe paddington with diamonate lock/key

  1. i have posted this question in the authenticity thread but no one answer me :crybaby:
    but i really need to know

    there is silver chloe paddington with silver lock and crystal
    but are there other colors with crystal lock/key?

    anyone has pics please share
    i have saved up enough for that dream bag
    thank you:yahoo:
  2. I wish I knew the answer, but hopefully another member can help!
  3. I know they did a crystal lock for a limited edition bag call the Las Vegas, and a gold one for a special edition for Japan. But I have been told that Chloe sells replacement locks, the regular ones with the leather surround are $100 and they have special crystal ones for $500. A little steep, but if that's something you really want.

  4. Those are also the only two I have heard of with crystal padlocks. I saw the silver limited edition Las Vegas paddington once on eBay and I think a member of the pf got it.

    The "gold" was called "champagne" and had "Aoyama 2006" engraved under the Chloe logo and I think it was made in connection with the opening af a japanese Chloe store.

    I think I have a picture of the bags they are:
    61c6_1.jpg japanese champagne crystal studded.jpg