Chloe Paddington vs Balenciaga

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Chloe Paddington vs Balenciaga

  1. Chloe Paddington Satchel

  2. Chloe Paddington medium pocket

  3. Balenciaga City (First / Medium)

  4. Balenciaga Hobo/ Day bag

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  1. Hello guys.. I'm not sure whether this question has been posted or not. I'm deciding on what next bag should I buy.
    I like either Chloe paddington (satchel or medium pocket) or Balenciaga. I can't buy both bag at this time.. I have to choose either one of them.
    I want to ask those of you who luckily have both bags, which bag do you like the most, and why?
    Thanks so much for your opinion...
  2. I vote for the paddy satchel :biggrin: I'm not liking too many of the Balenciaga colors this season, except the white :biggrin:
  3. The Chloe bag is very heavy compared to the Balenciaga bags. I have both bags and it is like night and day when it comes to the weight. The Chloe paddington also cost more than the Balenciaga. Both bags bring me joy but there are big differences between, do you care about the weight or price?
  4. At this time, the price really doesn't matter.. as long as I'm really happy with the bag.. So, the questions is which bag do you love & use the most? :love:
  5. I love Balenciaga bags... but lately, I'm definitely using more out of my Paddy Satchel than anything else.
  6. I love my City bag the paddy is just too heavy for me.
  7. I prefer the Paddy but wouldn't buy either of them.
  8. Balenciaga city, my first love :smile:
  9. i love my choco paddy.:love: more so than my spy, bbags, whiskey. love, love, love. definitely get the choco paddy if you can.
  10. I only have one Bal bag - a black City from 2003 which I barely use but adore. The leather is the greatest. The recent leather on the Balenciaga is not so great from what I have read and have been told.

    That said, I adore the Paddington and use all of my satchels on a regular basis. They are by far my favorite bags.
  11. I really love them both! I love my paddys but I do have to say that my black Balenciaga city gets THE most wear. It really goes with absolutely everything from work to weekend. Work clothes to jeans! BUT I am also loving the paddingtons, hard decision!
  12. what a tough one!!!

    i totally adore both these bags! But i'd have to say Balenciaga! :amuse:
  13. I vote for balenciaga!! I just found the paddy too heavy for me, and once I felt the leather on the b-bag city- I have been hooked ever since!:love:
  14. I think decision depends a lot on what your primary purpose in using the bag will be.

    I have owned both the Balenciaga hobo and the Balenciaga city. If you carry a lot of stuff, and if you accumulate things during the day, I would recommend either of these bags. The hobo is larger than the city and it is capable of holding much more than the city. I'm constantly amazed at how much I can fit in my hobo. The city also holds quite a bit. The main benefit of the hobo is that it is easy to throw over your shoulder. The city has a shoulder strap, but if you want a bag that you can easily wear on your shoulder, I would choose the hobo, hands down. In terms of comfort, out of all the bags you listed, I think it allows for the greatest ease of use.

    I do not have a Chloe hobo, but I have tried one on in the Chloe boutique. I do have a Chloe paddy. Paddys are much heavier than the Balenciaga bags are. Both the hobo and the satchel can fit over the shoulder, but the hobo fits over it with more ease; it is meant to be worn over the shoulder, whereas the satchel can be worn either in the crook of the arm or on the shoulder. The hobo is bigger and holds more than the satchel. I think half of the appeal with the paddy is the lock. When being worn, it is very difficult to see the lock on the hobo. Instead of dangling in front of the bag, it kind of just lays across the middle of the bag. If you want to show off the lock, then go with the satchel. In general, I think it is a more visually appealing bag than the hobo is.

    If you are looking for a bag that you will be able to use at night as well as in the day, then the Balenciaga first is the bag for you. This bag is the smallest of all the bags that you listed, so if you carry a lot of stuff with you during the day this might not be the wisest choice. You can fit your keys, a make-up pouch, your wallet, and an ipod in the first, but not much more than that. If you go out at night this is a bag that you would be able to use for that purpose. I don't think any of the other bags transition particularly well from day to night. The satchel and the city possibly, but definitely neither of the hobo styles.

    Good luck with your decision.
  15. The paddy went back because it weighed a ton. Couldn't imagine lugging it around every day. I recently got a black city bag and have found it to be very convenient and so lightweight. I can fit tons of stuff inside, but it also looks great when it's nearly empty. It goes with everything in my wardrobe from jeans and a tee to my business suits, so I'm not stuck switching bags every day. I am really loving this bag!