Chloe Paddington - Suitable for What Age Group?

  1. What age group do you think befits the Chloe Paddington? 20s till early 30s? Till late 30s? Till 40s? Just wondering how many years of shelf life I have left with my tan Chloe Paddington, before it looks inappropriate for my age (assuming my arm muscles remain intact)! :confused1: The celebrities seen carrying this bag (Misha Barton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan are all in their 20s.......

    I think I can grow old with my other bags (BV, Loewe and Goyard), but I was unsure about the Paddington. Appreciate your opinion. Thanks.
  2. I think the paddy can work with any age group. At where I am, I have seen ladies with paddies for all age groups. Tan is such a classic color, thinks it works well with anything. I am 40 now and plan to continue using mine till I am 50, 60, ....
  3. i dont think there is a particular age group it works with it suites all age groups exept very young girls. Im 15 and it doesnt look right with me holding it.:crybaby:
  4. As we all know, age is an attitude, if you love it, carry it......and I plan on carrying mine until my arms are too feeble to hold it.
  5. As long as the bag still goes with what you are wearing in your twilight years I think feel free to carry whatever you want!

    If you plan plan on altering your dress sense to match your age - just keep that in mind.

    Dress is an expression of self - you are only as old as you feel! Carrying a chloe in old age might keep you young - you never know :smile:
  6. When I see a classey woman in her 50's, 60's, 70's I visualize her wearing a Chloe. Many times my head says, yea that'll work!

    It really depends on the person. Look a 20 year old really slopped out *not in a cool way okay* she can not pull off a Chloe bag, but a put together 70 year old, she sure can!

    Your Chloe purse should keep you in line physically, mentally and fashionably!
  7. I am pretty dang old and as you can see in my avatar I am STILL proudly sporting MY tan Paddy. I see no age limit whatsoever.
  8. I believe they are timeless...suitable for everyone.
  9. I have just turned 50 and have 2 beautiful Paddys - always getting people asking about them and saying how great they look. I definately dont feel to old to be carrry one.

  10. LOL...if THAT'S "dang old" divnanata....I can't wait to get there babe!! You're smokin'!!!:yes:

    I'm 33 and don't plan on my Paddy having a shelf life, unless of course I *gasp* tire of it!! Never!!
  11. I agree with what others have said. Don't think there is an age limit on the paddys! It's suitable for all ages.

  12. Laughing, see this is how I justify buying multiple Chloe bags. When you rotate them around you never get tired of one model.:girlsigh:
  13. Too true...too true. A good reason for more bags!!
  14. My Mother who is in her 50's, I in my 30's and my sister who is in her 20's all carry Paddys and they work for all of us, each of us has a clothing different style.

    The only thing that I would add and sorry in advance because I don't mean to offend, I cannot stand 15 year olds who carry fake stiff Paddy's wearing faux UGG boots and look at you as if they are the S**t with their bags, saying that, that would apply to all age groups, it just seems that 15 year olds seem to be carrying them and pretending that they are La Lohan and crew, it drives me mad!
  15. I would say 13 to 113. :biggrin: