chloe or muse?

  1. what do you think is more classic? which one would you rather have if you could only have one?
  2. are you talking Paddington?

    If you are, I would say that the Muse is a more classic style of bag. The paddy is a younger, current look IMO :smile:
  3. chloe ... paddy/edith
  4. Muse, IMO, is a classic - Chloe Paddy/edith a trend (but a beautiful trend!)
  5. muse for classic.. paddy for something I want.. hehe
  6. Which Chloe are you referring to?
    I think Muse is more classic than Paddy/Edith/Betty/....
  7. Muse is more classic:heart:
  8. Definetely the Chloe paddy for me.
  9. i think muse is more classic.
  10. I have both a chloe and a muse. I use the muse more and I love the chloe but am getting very fed up with that big heavy padlock!
  11. Muse
  12. I say in terms of being more of a classic... I would go for the Muse. Wear it now, and can still wear it when your 80.
  13. Muse is more classic. It is also functional, with the convenient, easy-to-open, double zipper main compartment and relatively light-weight body, as opposed to the annoying, difficult to open and close paddy with that heavy lock. However, if I have to choose between the two, I still go for the paddy, because it looks great, and I am a vain person.
  14. I have both but I super love my Muse than my Chloe.
  15. Definitely Chloe!! Don't really care for YSL...