Chloe online

  1. Hey you guys!
    What webpages do you know that sells chloe bags online?
    I already know these:" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert">

    are there any more than those? I know about Neiman Marcus and eluxury also but they don't ship to Europe (were I hang around)...

    would be fun (and maybe a bit dangerous...) to know all of them!:smile:
  2. netaporter and luisaviaroma. I don't know about the other ones.
  4. - they don't update their website that often nor check their online orders and emails that well.. So, best to ring them if you want something as opposed to placing an online order.

    Neiman Marcus does ship internatianally I've been told, but you can't order online. Must do it via phone and faxing some details, etc.
  5. You can also order via "live chat" if you live outside the US... it's very good.
  6. What does via live chat mean?
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