Chloe Newbie! Advice Please : )

  1. :heart: Hi guys:
    I just registered today to become a member at The Purse Forum after reading all the wonderful comments and suggestions you guys have made to people. I am a COMPLETE bag freak!!! I'd rather spend money on bags than on things like shoes or clothes! lol. I used to be a Louis Vuitton fanatic until like many people here, I came across Chloe!! I'm thinking about buying myself one as an EXTRA EARLY christmas present =D, but I don't know which one to buy.

    Should I buy

    - Chloe Paddington or
    - Chloe Edith?

    I was so envious of my friends when they had their paddingtons, and now that I can get one, I worry that it will be "out of trend." I know alot of people say that it doesnt matter if it's an "It" bag ten years from now if you love it, and I totally agree, but do you guys think it's too late to get the Paddington? Also, I've read alot of the threads here concerning the fact that the locks on paddington often get damaged! I'm a very low maintanence kind of girl due to my busy life style (I go to school fulltime and have a job), and I'm scared that if I were to get a Paddington, the lock will end up getting really scratched and ugly! As for the Edith, i ABSOLUTELY love it!! I love it in the Whiskey color, but I'm just worried as to how versatile it is.. I don't really like handbags that have to be handheld because I like just throwing something over my shoulder and off to do my 2380833 errands and tasks, but I have been reading some threads here and people have said that you CAN wear the Edith on the shoulder? I was thinking about getting the Medium sized one, so I'm not sure if it can still be worn on the shoulder?

    Sorry this thread is so long! Just want to get all of your opinions. Thanks so much for helping :smile:. :P
  2. Welcome!! :flowers:

    So no, I don't think it's too late to get a paddy at all!! Esp with all the really
    interesting colors coming out.

    The basic Edith is handheld, but some of the other newer Edith variants
    can worn over the shoulder, so check that out.

    If you are worried about the locks rubbing or chipping, try the silver hw!
    I have a mousse and the lock already has a patina to it, so no wear is
    apparent at all! :yes:

    best wishes! :upsidedown:
  3. Welcome azianprideangel!! :flowers: Well I think the paddington is no longer an “IT” bag and if you're looking for something *new* and trendy, this may not be the best option. However I think both the Paddington and Edith are very fashionable. :love: I live in NY and get compliments all the time on my paddys – so many people still love the style and leather. For me, I don't care if the bag is and “IT” item. Infact I kinda like it this way because it's more unique! :wlae:

    The paddington isn't a “high maintenance” bag (IMO.) However many girls here have reported problems with their locks. :Push: Most likely the underside of the top part of the lock will chip off (if it's gold-bronze hardware.) If you are worried about that a good suggestion would be to try to find a paddy with silver hardware. Mousse, Gris Vert, and Navy are lovely choices! :yes:

    I love the whiskey edith!! nerdphanie just got one at half price!!! Maybe she can answer your questions about the bag being worn on the shoulder. I remember reading some posts about other types of Ediths being easy to carry on the shoulder but I'm not sure (not an Edith expert!) :shame:
  4. Hi azianprideangel! I say go for the paddington because it's the classic Chloe bag. It's definitely still highly fashionable with new colors & styles to come. I Love the Edith but I would get that after a Paddington. There's just something amazing about Paddingtons! :love: You should take a look at hmwe46 & +sonja+ 's Paddy Puddles in the 'All About Paddingtons' thread under the 'Chloe Reference Library' subforum! :drool: hehe Seriously TDF!!! :angel:

    here's the link:
  5. Hi! Welcome! I'm also a new member and entered almost for the same purposes as you:smile: , to get advice and share opinions. Well, I personally think Paddy. Edith is a nice bag, more for everyday wear maybe, but Paddy in my opinion is SO good looking! And I do agree that even if a bag is not the It bag of the moment any more, but you love it, you should purchase it and enjoy it. Plus I don't know why, but Edith seems to me a bit , you know, simple style.
  6. I love both bags... I would say that the Paddington is still very stylish. Right now I am in love with my Edith and am neglecting my Paddy a bit, but what can I say, it's the baby. Paddy's already had her first birthday. I say go with what you like and don't worry about being trendy. I think both bags are here to stay.
  7. I love the paddy and think it is so stylish and functional. I get compliments on mine all of the time.
  8. Hi and welcome. I ventured over here to the Chloe side after a bout with LV addiction too!

    If you're looking for a Chloe but you're worried about the style being passe, you may want to try one of the newer Paddy styles such as the box, belt, or the flat pocket tote. Or, there's the Paddy shoulder bag, which I have and absolutely adore! Like you, I have a very busy and casual lifestyle, and this bag fits it perfectly. I have the chocolat color, but there are a few other choices at Aloha Rag, including cream, red, and black:
    chloe collection :: women :: aloha rag online select shop
  9. The paddy style seems to be classic to me, so I don't care if it's in or out. It's such a great, functional purse. The leather is TDF! I would say paddy all the way.
  10. Hello, and a big welcome to you.

    The Edith is a great bag, large and a gorgeous leather, but you cannot put it on your shoulder, so if it is full, it is a really heavy bag to be hand holding, the new Edith bowling bag has just been released, so if you are looking for high fashion, this is the latest version.
    Chloé Edith bowling bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM.

    The paddy, whilst heavier when empty, is a real throw on bag, I would always personally choose it over the paddy, but I am loving the newer style bags too. The great thing is, is that they are more available now, than when both styles came out, so you should be able to see some different styles to compare.

    Best of luck, the looking is always such fun with a Chloe as each bag is unique. :smile:
  11. I recently joined for the same reasons - it is really nice to get opinions from people who know what they are talking about and are just as interested in the bags as you are.

    I bought a Belt Paddington from AR because the handles are slightly longer and I, too, knew I wanted to carry it over my shoulder. It does fit - I am not sure how comfortable it will be with a heavy coat. I love the bag - the leather is gorgeous. But it is not the first bag I grab cause it is heavy and I am careful with it because of the buckle.
  12. Welcome to the PF!!!! THis is a very dangerous place, but you will love every minute of it! As for bags, the Edith and Paddington are both fabulous in their own right, but I for one chose the Paddy over the Edith because for me, the Paddy was just a better fit. The Edith just did not work for me- it was not comfortable, although I love the look of the classic Edith. The Paddy though is just so easy to carry, and so incredibly functional. It has pretty much replaced most of my other bags. I dare to say that once you go with a Paddy, you will never look back. It will be a new addiction all together because the leather and hte colors are TDF!!! Please let us know if you have any questions at all, and good luck with your decision! You cannot go wrong!
  13. Hi and welcome!!:flowers:

    I'd say definitely go for the paddy - IMO, it's more versatile, in most cases, it can be worn comfortably on the shoulder (unless you're wearing a really thick coat) and it can be hand or arm crook held.

    I personally don't worry about the key and the padlock chipping, IMO, it only adds to the 'vintage' look, and never really looks that noticeable, only to the owner!;)

    As for the paddy being an 'IT' bag, that doesn't bother me personally - i just go for what i like, and you should do that too - go with your instincts.

    Re the Edith, there is a larger handled version available now (Edith big handbag) it's a better fit on the shoulder by all accounts. ::: shopping on line

    VERSUS The 'standard' Edith ::: shopping on line

    Good luck with whichever bag you choose!:flowers:

    (Links taken from ::: home page :::)
  14. welcome!! I joined not too long ago and love this forum! i went from 0 paddys to 3 in no time!! Watch out for us though...we are serious enablers!
    I say paddy...or two....or three... :smile: