Chloe mini paddington clutch

  1. Hi!

    First I wanna say that I'm totally new here. Okay I have read this forum often but never post a comment. :nogood:

    My friend have a gorgeous dark brown Chloe clutch. :rolleyes: She wanna sell it but I haven't see it in live yet.

    Well I would like to see some pictures of your clutches. I found couple threads but not many pictures in it. I'm totally in love with these Chloe paddys! I tought this little clutch could be perfect for my BBF birthday party.
  2. Hi Nathalie,

    erm, this clutch is tiny, its abit too small imo to be any use at all! It can hold a credit card and a lipstick, but its very thin too, so doesnt open up hardly at all either. If you are looking for just a little money wallet with a strap, it will be fine, but dont be surprised by how tiny it is for the money ;)
  3. oh and welcome to the forums too :smile:
  4. I have the clutch in acier and in black. You can't carry much, but they are beauties. They are very similar in shape to the Chloe long wallets, the strap can be used as a handbag, a wristlet or taken off. They retail for $530 or so, but you can sometimes catch a sale on NAP or Neimans that can bring it much lower. I paid $330 for the all black one at Neimans. You can fit cash, credit card, slim compact or cellphone.

    PS Acier clutch courtesy of my friend HMWE46
    chloe black clutch.jpg chloe acier clutch.jpg
  5. I bought this clutch and ended up returning it just because it was very would be good for a night out and just putting in your keys, lip gloss, money and credit cards...but it would also be a bit inconvenient, as you would have to hold it or dangle it from your wrist...the strap is not long enough to go over your shoulder.
  6. Hey ReRe :heart:

    Ok, Nathalie, about the clutch: I absolutely love it :yes: it's super tiny though but as ReRe says it holds the bare necessities for those times when you just to carry an id and some cash :tup:

  7. I have this clutch in a few colors and I use it daily as a wallet/organizer inside a larger bag. I put credit cards, cash, 1 lipstick, and cell phone in it with no problem. I could probably fit a slim compact in there too if I was just carrying it alone for a night out and didn't pack it full of receipts and stuff (I travel a lot for work and keep receipts in there so they don't start floating around). It is small, but usable for nights out or as an organizer inside a larger bag.

    Of course, I can fit all my essentials in a mini Paddington, so ymmv. ;)

    Updated to add photo for size reference. :tup: Clutches are, l-r, in front of mini/baby with long strap(which I think is bigger than a regular baby Paddy), mini/baby and regular size Paddy bowler.
  8. The clutch is ultra cute. I keep meaning to get one. My best buddy has one and its to die for. You can get cash, credit cards and a key in it, but thats it. If i had one id use it for nights out at with hubby at a pub. Id like a black one with all black hardware as they are beautiful.
  9. Thanks all of you! So nice and helpful people in here. :tup:

    I would go on that chocolate color one. So gorgeous. One thing what I wonder is the zipper. Is it always silver? I've heard that the zippers tooths can be plastic too different seasons and other has that YKK company name and other don't have that. :confused1: So if the clutch's zipper is brass color that is a fake, right?
  10. great choice nathalie, and bedhead, wow!! i am green with envy!! your collection is soooo adorable!! wish i could get one too!
  11. bedhead, that is such a nice collection :biggrin:, great idea to use one inside a regular paddy lol :biggrin:
  12. Yeah, I prefer using that instead of a regular wallet because I can just use it as a wristlet if I don't want to carry my whole bag to lunch or out to dinner when I travel, etc. I got into the habit of doing that with Coach wristlets back before my friend introduced me to Chloe and got me totally addicted! :heart:
  13. Could any one answer my guestion... :sad:
  14. The plastic zippers were on the *inside* of the paddy on 05 production bags.

    The exterior zippers are always metal (silver).


    pic of the HW and tip of the zipper on mine:


    Please post pics of any bag in question on the Auth This thread :wlae: