Chloe Marcie bag in nut

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag + color. What a classic
  2. Ditto. The Nut color, and in this style, is possibly my favorite Marcie. Or one of them. Gorgeous!
  3. The Nut is very nice colour! I got mine from it says on the website its a small but it measures a medium. I don't mind the size I got, I think the large would be way too big!

    This was my very first purchase. The leather is so soft to touch!
  4. I got my very first medium Chloe Marcie in Nut colour just last night! I walked in without any intention of purchasing a bag and I was so hooked that I spent nearly half an hour posing in front of their huge mirror trying to decide if I should splurge! The colour is totally versatile and easy to match! My first brown bag in my wardrobe and the colour is totally TDF!

    I came out of the shop with A LARGE chloe paper bag and a larger smile on my face!:P
  5. Congratulations genevie, that is so great!!!
  6. thanks so much gatsby! she's such a beaut! Here's a peak!:yahoo:

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  7. genevie, that bag is gorgeous! You will be able to wear it in the summer too, what a lush, timeless bag, congratulations!
  8. I believe this has to be my favorite color for the Marcie!
  9. Nut is a great colour! congratulations :smile:!
  10. Nut is gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. That's so beautiful! Is there any problem with color transfer?
    I plan to wear it cross body and I wear jeans a lot. I'm worry that it will be dyed blue. Also, any problems if you carry it out in the rain?
  12. No probs in rain.....dunno bout jeans transfer as i usually carry over the shoulder...
  13. very classic color! congrats!
  14. Hi there,

    Sorry to unearth an old thread but is the new 2013 Nut color different than this one pictured above. I thought I saw one at Nordies the other day and it was darker.

    Anyone have any pictures?

    Thank you! Katherine
  15. kath00 - Here's my recently purchased NUT Marcie. I don't think the color has changed all that much.

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