Chloe - Made in China?


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Jul 8, 2010
I received a Chloe dress I bought off the internet today.

i was interested to see it says "Made in China" on the tag...

I have really nothing against goods made in China.

But since i payed over $1000 for it, i somehow expected it to be made in France. :smile:

What are your thoughts on expensive clothing made in China and other low cost countries?
i cant remember all the manufacturing locations for Chloe, but i know there is one in France, Romania and one in China or Hong Kong?? Not 100% on that. But they are just as helpful. Sent me a replacement key for 1 bag and padlock for another. There might be other locations but im not sure. I guess 1 factory is not big enough to produce all the merchandise they need to make?
Was it Chloe collection or See by Chloe? I think that the See by Chloe might be made in China, but I've not seen the Chloe collection items made in China. Also, where did you purchase the dress from?
All of my bags are made somewhere in Europe ( Spain, Italy, France, Hungary ). Did not check all the shoes as yet...I also own some clothes and I'm pretty sure that they are all made in France...
I'm about 13 years late to this thread, but... I have about 4 cashmere jumpers and one silk and wool top from Chloé (not See by Chloé), and they're all made in China. None of my trousers, skirts, or jackets are though. Wonder why that is!