Chloe Lg Paddington vs. LV Speedy 30!

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  1. Hi everyone, I've been secretly lurking around the Chloe section lately, and I have to admit that I've given in. You guys make them sound SOOOO luxurious! :tender: I have been toying with the idea of selling my LV speedy for the Chloe Paddington (the larger one, with the pocket in the front.. I think it retails for 1690+?). Does anyone have both? Do you think I should keep the Speedy and the get the Paddy as well?? :graucho: I love that they both can be dressed up or down. Please share your thoughts :flowers:

    (psst, I'm supposed to be on this wretched purse ban, but I consider this just trading, so it doesn't count and no squealing! :rolleyes:)
  2. Yes I think you should keep both. I love my speedy 30, I would never sell it. As for the Chloe I have the medium Paddy and Love it. So keep your speedy and buy your paddy. It's worth it.
  3. definitely keep both.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, tomato! The medium is gorgeous too :yes:
  5. Thanks D & G! :flowers:
  6. keep both.
  7. i love my paddy so i think you should buy a paddy and keep your speedy:smile:
  8. Keep BOTH!! Speedy 30 is a great everyday bag and the paddy can be great for everyday or nights out. And as for the price, that is full retail price for the small front pocket paddy but you can definitely find that bag MUCH cheaper on eBay so keep a look out and authenticate it here 1st. I saw a GORGEOUS cream one go for only around $800 recently! Good luck and I'm sure you will be happpy you kept both! :yes:
  9. Thanks, guys! You said all the beautiful words I longed to hear. You all rock! :rochard:
  10. If you can, keep both as they are VERY different bags, and will serve very different purposes. Of course, once you get your hands on a paddy, you will want more than one! he he he!
  11. Ya gotta keep both. Two great bags from luxury companies.
  12. Keep both!! I love my speedy 30 and have a Paddington on the way for X-mas.