Chloe Lauren scalloped flats, resole first or wear as is?

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  1. Hi! This is not a bag post but I've searched and couldn't find an answer.

    I just bought the Chloe Lauren leather flats and they are SO SOFT but the sole is also leather!

    If you own these, did you get them resoled immediately or do you just wear them as is? I'm afraid the leather sole will get too damaged over time bc it looks delicate.

  2. add the rubber sole as soon as possible....not just for those but any shoe with leather soles as they will invariably wear down and you risk damaging the upper portion as well
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  3. resole, I have Chloe flats and the sole is so delicate, fingers can leave marks on it.
  4. Thanks! I'll take them to my cobbler
  5. I got mine resoled and I really regret it. I’m pretty sure it changed the fit of the shoes and they became inflexible across the ball of the foot (where my foot is wider than average). They were still very bendy and soft length wise. If I buy any again I won’t resolve until they need it.
  6. I also read that a triple layer leather sole will outlast rubber. Granted that was for men’s shoes but food for thought.
    I would suggest seeking advice from Chloe. I did that for my new Susanna’s and also for a pair of Valentino boots.
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  7. I have the Lauren ballet flats in pale pink and never resoled them. I thought about it when I first got them, but after wearing them a few times they seemed fine. I've had them for 4 years now, wear them a lot during the summers and they're still going strong! Nothing wrong with resoling them though, but as Andiau said leather soles are tougher than they seem - though it probably depends on the brand/model too...I had a friend who's Jimmy Choo soles were really damaged after just a couple of wears.
  8. I took 2 pairs of my Chloé Lauren flats to my cobbler and he recommended a rubber half sole. I am so happy I did. I’ve ruined so many designer shoes by not getting them soled and I’ve finally learned my lesson. The fit did not change at all.

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