Chloe Lambskin Bay Hobo for $599

  1. I just saw it less than an hour ago for $599 in the4 Camel color! It was in good shape and had no obvious imperfections. :tup:

    Nordstrom Rack
    [SIZE=-1]1285 Marina Blvd
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    (510) 614-1742[/SIZE]
  2. Thanx for posting! Hope a fellow TPFer gets this amazing deal. If anyone got it, post pics?
  3. I was so tempted! It was the only Chloe they had. I love the way it opens accordian-like. Very soft and pretty bag.

    They also had two Mulberry bags for $499. They reminded me of the roxanne, but weren't the Roxanne.
  4. I already have an Ava and too many bags in brown-tone...This is so tempting...but I will be good and wait for the violet Bay:crybaby::drool:
  5. Thanks for the post! So hard to resist such an amazing deal.....
  6. Who bought it? I just called about it! :biggrin:
  7. Please post pics when you get it :heart: I love seeing Chloes in their new homes. They always look so lonely hanging on the racks. Especially this one - it had no other Chloes to keep it company :yes:
  8. Congrats to whoever got it. Please post pics. I hope it was a tpf member. I always wonder if there are "guests" who get these deals.
  9. so is it gone???!!:sad:i wish i lived in the states...or maybe im glad i dont or else i'd be broke.
  10. It is definitely gone. I went back today (to check out the new arrivals) and it was sold. I asked about it too :p