Chloe Ladies: Happy thanksgiving

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! THe "month of eating and shopping" officially begins:graucho:.
  2. Same to YOU acshih! Susieserb and I had a good start yesterday and beat the crowds to markdowns already taken. Unfortunately NOT on any bags, though. We'll save the best for last.
  3. To all our friends down in the States, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy your turkeys!!!

    I'm in Canada ~ so Thanksgiving came and went a month ago for us.:smile:
  4. Hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey & Pumpkin Pie today!! Anyone crazy enough to fight the crowds tomorrow?? Have fun!!!!!
  5. ^^^I'm going tonight at Midnight to the outlet mall. I've never been, so I have no clue what to expect!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  6. Good luck, Imonpurseblog. Hope you find that elusive Chloe bag you've always wanted and at a great discount too!
  7. Have fun, I actually thought about it, I love the thrill of great sale shopping, but the outlet mall closest to me is Orlando, and it's an hour drive, and after cooking all day, having family in, I'm not sure my energy level would stay in high....who am I kidding, I'd shop until I dropped....LOL

  8. awww, thanks Krazee4Coach!

    llson: we had our turkey last night so we could make the 4 hr. drive today to go to the outlets tonight, and the malls tomorrow!!:yahoo: I think you would have done just fine once you started shopping! I hope you get to go tomorrow, after a little rest!;)
  9. Happy thanksgiving and happier shopping...Oh how I wish I was in the US right now!

    Have fun imonpurseblog and we want details....
  10. we dont do Thanksgiving in Australia but i wish we did! The turkey, the salads, the pumpkin pie (never had it but sounds lush) ... its like a mini christmas :smile:

    Anyways, enjoy the day and (turns green with envy) enjoy the sales! :heart: :tup:
  11. Oh yeah, I agree! The food sounds awesome! (Even though it's about 50 million degrees here at the moment. :sweatdrop:)

    Hope it was a great day and that everyone has fun at the SALES! :nuts:
  12. Happy Thanksgiving everybody:love:!!!! I intend to hit the outlets at midnight:yahoo: but I've had so much wine I can hardly see! I hope my sister sticks around to be my designated driver:angel:!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :heart:

  14. LOLOLOL, TG fell on my birthday this year and let me tell you with all the socializing from this holiday and my 'special' event, it was a miracle I didn't purchase everything in sight. IOW I (we..hello Divna) were riding the wine sloshed, roller coaster of talking and visiting. See when I drink (a bit) I want to buy, buy, buy. Only trouble I had DH with me on Black Friday. Hummm he's smarter than I think.:roflmfao:
  15. ^^Happy belated birthday:flowers:!!! Needless to say I never made it to the outlets because I didn't stop sipping on the wine until, before I knew it, I was waking up:shame:. Not to mention DH was on me like a hawk:sweatdrop:, he insisted The sales were a trick and a waste of money. I told him he was right and that instead I was going to go get a Mani&Pedi. Soooo... after my mani&pedi I hit the!