Chloe Handles ???

  1. For all you gals who own the Chloe Edith Satchels!

    Have you noticed a difference in the thickness of the handles from one year to another on this style bag.I've noticed that the leathers can vary on different sections of these bags also.

    How about you ladies,noticed any of these things with your ediths satchels?
  2. I have been wondering what is the material inside the handles? On my one handle the inside of it seems to have moved so it is not distributed evenly throughout the handle. It is "squishy" near the end where it attaches to the bag, and then really stiff and almost poking out near the opposite attachment to the bag.
  3. I had this exact thing happen to my paddington handles. Nordstrom just shipped it back to Chloe for repair. :confused1:
  4. Interesting, maybe I will take mine back to Saks and ask them if they can help me.

    Let us know when you get yours returned, I hope it's as good as new! :smile: