Chloe handbags at Helen Yi (Chicago)

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  1. Ack, I really need to get my shopping under control. I just received an phone call from a high end boutique in Chicago who had the whiskey and ivory paddy in stock (I was on a call list). So I couldn't help myself and ordered the whiskey paddy, a tan Silverado tote, and a Chloe shirt. The store owner was so nice. When I told her about my concerns about the lock peeling, she said that 1) she hadn't heard of any problems with the lock, but 2) she would exchange the lock for me for the lifetime of the bag, and even paddies that I hadn't even bought with her, she would be willing to take care of the lock problem. What great customer service!

    BTW, if anyone is looking for the Betty bag, they have it in stock (Edith is all sold out), have the tan, whiskey, chocolate brown, and ivory paddies in stock, and the whiskey and chocolate brown bowler as well. The store is Helen Yi, ph. number 773.252.3838. Ask for Claire or Helen, and tell them Grace sent you!
  2. Is your tan silverado tote the same as the large doctor's bag? Are you concerned about the size?
  3. Woohoo! You'll love the whiskey paddy :love: I noticed the first small chip on my lock the other day :evil: It's not that bad, but I was a little :suspiciou My key also has some chipping on it.

    Post pictures when you get your bags! I'd love a Silverado :love:
  4. georgiegirl, no, the silverado tote is not the same as the doctor's bag style. If you recall, Jessica Simpson was carrying around a Silverado tote in terracotta red last year. It's that style bag. To see an example, go to there's a gold tote.

    cristina, thanks! I'm really excited, especially since I won't have to wait or pre-order to get the bag. We'll see how the lock looks, but I was so impressed by the helpfulness of the Helen Yi boutique that I just couldn't say no! ;)
  5. Wow, that is some awesome customer service. But when you drop a few grand cause they called, I suppose that should be expected ! ;)

    Can't wait to see pictures of your latest conquests !
  6. hi greendrv ... you are too sweet for dishing out the news!! :love: i love love love helen yi. sounds like you really got some great purchases. they called me too and i saw the edith (didn't like it) but got the black paddy (really more like a gunmetal than black though they call it black - will try to post a picture). i was also eyeing the ivory paddy but apparently someone had been waiting for that one since last april!! but i know how you feel because that purchase just hit my bank account ... but i'm sure glad i went for it if they sold out that quickly!!

    i live in chicago too so let's keep each other updated on what's out there! :P
  7. What was it that you didn't like about the edith? I pre-ordered one from LVR and have been having second thoughts cause I haven't seen in it IRL. TIA!
  8. don't get me wrong - i think the edith is very cool for the right girl. just not my style. i liked the shape, but the only one i saw was in patent leather, which was a little to dramatic for most of the clothes i have. i have to say though, the whole store was gushing over it and it was sold in less than 24 hours!
  9. I ordered the Edith (medium) in the whiskey without seeing it (which I have to do with everything, being in Oklahoma), but I am convinced I will absolutely love it. Don't worry...I am sure you will, too! :biggrin:
  10. yes!! definitely post pics when you get it b/c i haven't seen it in whiskey. congrats!!