Chloe from *************???

  1. Sorry for asking sth silly...

    Does ************* sell an authentic chloe?

    Pls help me out...:confused1:

  2. from where?:wondering
  3. :confused1: ?????
  4. Was this edited by a mod? :huh:
  5. I think I know what this is. :yes:

    The owner of this company was very rude to a member, who was also a customer and to Vlad and Megs.

    I think the name gets automatically deleted(?). :smile:
  6. ahh ok was wondering what was going on . thanks :smile:
  7. Yes..i think it's automatically deleted ...i just wanna know whether it sells authentic bags...but never mind!!!
  8. ^^^ If it was deleted, it was for good reason. That should tell you something there. HTH!

  9. I guess so:roflmfao: ...btw,,,thankss:love:
  10. Gotcha