Chloe Font on Padlock

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  1. I don't know if this should be a new thread or not, but I have two paddingtons and on one of them the Chloe font on the front of the padlock is off center (slightly higher than center). On the other paddy, the Chloe font is dead center. I bought one at Nordstrom and one from a reputable person on ebay. Are both positions for the Chloe font on the padlock correct, or if not, which one is? Also should the Chloe name be deeply engraved or more lightly engraved?

    Thank you very much!!!!
  2. Stormy, both of my locks are dead on center and I would say lightly engraved. Anyone else?
  3. Both of my paddingtons (one from Saks and one from are both dead on center. HTH.
  4. Your question intrigued me so much that even with the late hour I've just taken the dust bags off mine to do an inspection. I have a whiskey paddington from Bergdorf's and a bordeaux paddington from the London Chloe boutique on Sloane St and both stamps on the locks, if one were to be truly picky, are ever so slightly off-center (by this I mean slightly to one side, but not up or down) -- though not so much that you'd really notice unless you measured them meticulously.

    [edited because I can't type properly this late at night]
  5. The font on my blue nuit padlock was way off centre and I bought it from Chloe!
  6. Hi I just bought mine a week ago from LVR and the chloe is dead centre on the padlock

  7. I have 4 Paddys at the moment. 2 of them have the word dead centre, while the other 2 are slightly above the horizontal, although centred left to right. The ones that are above the horizontal actually have better "pedigree" than those properly centred. Also, the depth of the stamping varies in each case. So, I think it all depends. As in all quality control matters, a little leeway is always allowed before something is rejected.
  8. Mine was from NAP and it's in the centre.

    The Chloe heat stamp on the padlock should always be lightly 'engraved' and quite precise - you'll notice the difference with the fakes, they always seem to push far too hard, which then makes the font go out of focus and look very deep.

    Of course, there will be some natural slight variations between bags - no two bags can ever look identical, but the basics will always be the same.
  9. I have one and mine is dead in the center.
  10. Both of mine are off the left actually.
  11. I just checked the one I got from NAP and it looks like the letters are slightly off to the left.
  12. mine are pictured here. My tan is ever so slightly to the right, but not noticeable until you look incredibly closely.:smile:
  13. they're always a little off...
  14. Thanks so much to everyone for their responses. It has truly helped me to feel better. I think that I am being way too picky!!!!! Thanks again!
  15. Chloe is not cut and dry...seems like they use more than one producer for the bags. There seem to be little differences from bag to bag and this is one of them. You can rest easy :smile:.