Chloe Faye Backpack!

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  1. Hi ladies! I just stumbled upon this bag on Nordstrom's website, and wanted to know your thoughts! I've been gravitating more towards backpacks recently, and have been saving multiple ones to my wish list. :P How do you feel about this backpack?

  2. I like it. You can carry it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. And I also like that you can open the zippers to expand it.
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  3. Gorgeous
  4. [QUOTE = "moi et mes sacs, Beitrag: 30780193, Mitglied: 78395"] Herrliche [/ QUOTE]
  5. Wunderschön!
  6. There is so little discussion on this bag! Here is a review from YouTube if anyone's interested. I'd love a mini Faye backpack myself! Here's a reveal of one, near the end of the video:
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  7. I'm loving the concept of this bag! Love how it can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag. So practical and stylish. Anyone own this yet? Would love to see what can fit inside and any cons.
  8. Here's a What's in My Bag video (: no truly in depth reviews though, since the design is only a couple of months old.
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  9. I want one.!!!
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  10. I'm heavily debating whether to get this bag in a color I love, or in a color I think will be more "practical." In case anyone was wondering, here is a comparison of the leather appearances:
    I don't own any Fayes, but based on these pictures from the Chloe website, it would appear that the backpack has a more robust, durable leather than any of the other Faye models. The backpack leather has more of a grain, which means scratches will probably be less obvious on the backpack's leather compared to the smooth leather of the handbags.
    All in "motty grey." The backpack is top left, the medium is top right, the bottom left is the small, and the bottom right is the wallet-on-strap [emoji4]
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  11. Which colour do you love? I have only seen the motty grey and black in the bigger size. I think they are both gorgeous and practical. Although the grey is a lighter shade, I don't think it is light enough that you would have to baby it too much. I am partial to the black and think this would make a fabulous addition to my collection of black bags.
  12. I also really like the blue! It's not for sale on the Chloe site, but it's up on Ssense. I also think the black is beautiful, but my closet is so colorful that I would never find myself reaching for black. Thanks so much for your advice! Debating between blue, motty grey, and tan in the mini size (although I haven't seen mini tan for sale online anywhere). I think the tan would look best with wear and tear, but I like the blue and grey a bit better. I just got scared by all the reviews online of the Faye handbag where the suede got dark and the leather got scratched. But I think you're right, I should just get the color I want!
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  13. Farfetch currently stock the black mini for AUD $1828, regular sized motty grey $2817, regular sized black $3725 (not sure why there is such a big price difference between the motto grey and black). There is a 20% coupon code x20jan17

    The only other place I've seen online that stocks the Faye backpack is I've never purchased from this site before, so can't really comment on the reliability. Their prices seem better than Farfetch
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  14. IMG_1484878261.080339.jpg

    Excited to see that they've finally released the mini in tan (: Current colors: black, tan, motty grey, dusty yellow, and sepia red.
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  15. I just got the medium in Black.!! So excited.!!!
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