Chloe Ediths

  1. Is anyone falling out of love with their Edith? I was thinking about mine today and I wonder if it is like a high school crush (you fall hard and fast; end up lusting after the boy for months). Right now I'm in the post "I've snagged him and am done parading him around" phase. :lol:

    I worked hard to get my whiskey Edith and went through a lot of ordering and returning until I found the perfect one (I purchased it from Saks). I was hardcore in :heart: with the bag to the point where looking at it just made me :biggrin:.

    Then I saw a photo of me wearing it. While the bag is gorgeous on a desk or on a chair, I am indecisive is whether or not it is a beautiful bag on. I'm thinking...maybe too boxy? Even though the leather is scrumptious maybe the shape is too structured? I think I would love it more on if it softened up a bit? Do I need to "break it in more"? this point I am wondering if I should return it to Saks (not even sure what their return policy is) or if I should sell it.

    What do you guys think?
    edith 1.JPG
  2. I'm going through a similar feeling although I never even carried mine! I searched high & low & found the Turquoise Edith, a bag I had coveted! Now that I have it, I love the way it looks but I don't like it on me:sad:

    I don't know what it is exactly......anyway, I'm selling mine. I know there will be another bag soon I desperately want!
  3. Acegirl, the turqoise is gorgeous!!! See, even now I am thinking about how beautiful that color is! To me, I fall in love with Edith when I place her down on a chair next to me or on my desk. It is almost like art. When I carry's a little awkward and I don't feel it looks as good on.

    I've carried it maybe 5-6 times? All of those times it's spent 90% of the time on a desk. lol. Then again, I spend 90% of my time at a desk...:hrmm:
  4. Oh...and acegirl, why not return your bag to the department store and get your full money's worth? You might be losing money if you sell it?
  5. I wish I could:sad: The stores have been sold out of them for awhile. I bought it on Ebay from a My poupette seller. Yes, the bag is gorgeous but just not for me~ I hate that!
  6. Lordguinny, I felt the exact same way. I found a Chocolate Edith at NM and posted pictured with it on and sitting down and even though it looked great on me, but after the weekend and walking around the house with it on, I felt it wasn't a comfortable fit for me. My Paddy is more me and I can see ordering another Paddy in another color before ordering another Edith. It just wasn't me. So this week, after keeping it in the box for 3 weeks or so, I sent it back, with regrets of how hard it was to find. But it wasn't a good fit for me.
  7. I have also fallen out of love w/my turqoise. I was so exited to find it, but have only used it once!. wish I could return but:sad:
    I am starting to feel like it was more about the hunt/ chase w/the ediths?
  8. A partial reason why I don't want to return it is because I worked so hard to find the perfect Edith (for me, which is scrumply and pebbly). :shame: However, I shouldn't keep it for that reason. I should keep it because I like how it looks on. I did an office poll and everyone thought it was a beautiful bag but a couple of people referred to it as the "business bag" or the "big bag". :lol:

    I think I am going to return it to Saks this weekend or next. I am going to make some Chloe Edith waitlister VERY happy because this Edith is perfect!!!

    Holliwood, I too love the paddington and was thinking of buying another one. Ivory perhaps? Or whiskey?
  9. I sold mine. It is pretty, it looked cute on, but was just not practical for me. That is a lot of money to spend on a bag that you do not adore. JMO.
  10. I agree....I was such a big advocate of the bag because the first few times I carried it I was still in the infatuation phase. It would be much easier to let go if the leather was TDF. (Sigh). The chocolate paddington I have is so beautiful though, and it is making me want another one in a different color. I am just not sure if it makes sense to own one model in different colors. Maybe I need to diversify. Are there other designers who make beautiful leather distressed bags?
  11. I guess i'm the one person that still loves their Edith! I feel so happy that I was able to find Ediths that I loved!
    As I said in previous threads - I think fall/winter is really her season and when she'll really shine! She's had lighter use this summer - but that's okay, I know her time will come!

    <--------- :heart:
  12. I really think that you should sell it instead of returning it to Saks this weekend. Once I remove the tags and take a bag for an outing even once, I consider it used and would not return it as new. I would return it for a full refund or replacement if it were defective.

    I have sold many bags that I decided after a few times that I just don't :heart: anymore, but I wouldn't feel right about returning them for a full refund to be re-sold at retail price to someone else expecting a brand new bag.
    Yes, I have sold for less than what I originally paid, but I consider this the price I pay to try it out and then decide it really isn't right for me anymore.
  13. Well, if mine doesn't sell, I will be testing that theory this fall:biggrin:
  14. I returned my edith....It came to me one day that I was just keeping it around just becasue I "got one." I'm not even sure if I really liked it all that much to begin with or if I wanted it just because it was "the" bag to have. I love:love: my paddy!! It fits my personality better even if a lot of people already own it. I felt like the edith was so serious to carry around. I actually have not really missed having edith because I love my new bag so much:biggrin:
  15. Count me in as the second person who still loves theirs. For me it definitely wasn't the hunt (found a gorgeous one right off the bat) and as soon as I received mine, felt it was a keeper. I find it a little awkward to carry only because I'm not used to hand-held only bags, but the overall look of it still makes me happy.