Chloe Edith Sale at NM LAstCAll Lakewood,CO

  1. OMG OMG OMGoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I just called the Neiman Marcus in LAkewood CO (303-273-5440) & spoke to Melissa:tup:, handbag Dept.
    They have approx 10 Edith's left well 9 now
    I just got my first Chloe Edith bag in Rouge:heart: and at a bargain price of $510!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    That was the last one but they have Whiskey,Eucriel for $510 and a very light colored one $765.
    Call them! They are opened to 9pm.

    Still looking for my paddy
  2. Oh yeah they also have some betty's:roflmfao:
  3. ok, so I just spoke to Anita there and gave her a little run down of the Chloe names. So from what we spoke about she has an Edith bowler $765, Edith satchels for $510 in brown and whiskey, two Tracys $900 range, and two patent Betty in the large size also $900 range!
  4. Good, then anyone else who is looking can get one too.
  5. great deals! grab 'em up girls:yahoo:
  6. Can anyone help me? I am not in America, is it possible to still order from the store and ask them to hold it for me?

    I am looking for a choc (dark brown) edith satchel
    chloe choc.jpg
  7. just call the store mentioned in this thread and they do ship international! they have some ediths in brown!
  8. I just called them.. and there are only 2 bags left, red and light brown. Do you know which light brown r they referring to?
  9. No clue, but did you call Neiman Marcus Last Call in Colorado.
    1-303-273-5440 someone on the forum mentioned they have a brown!
  10. CHLOEEDITH.jpg

  11. Congratulations! I just got mine too, from NM Denver. Question: did yours come with the dustbag? because mine did not :sad:

  12. Yeah, mine came with dustbag,care cards, chloe tag and neiman's own price tag. But I hear it is a hit or miss with the dustbags when you are ordering from NM Last Call:confused1:
  13. Ooh! I cannot wait for my Ecureil Edith to arrive - it should be any day now :yes::yahoo:
  14. ^ Is it here yet?! I hope you won't have to wait until after the weekend for it. I'm not expecting mine until the middle of next seems like it has taken most of us on the west coast about 5 business days to receive them from east coast NMLC locations.

    I am also kind of annoyed that they are now offering $10 off for every $100 spent (no code or coupon needed). And I'm sure they won't allow any adjustments. Oh well!
  15. Got it TODAY!!! :yahoo:
    I gotta say - the Brun Edith *did not* do to me what the Ecureil did. I seriously gasped when I took it out of the box. Wow - like stomach flips and shortness of breath! How is that for drama?! I already took pics - will post as soon as they load on to my computer :tup: