Chloe DEBBIE shoulder bag

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  1. It doesn't look very Chloe to me...but then I'm mad that they stopped making the Silverado!!!!

    It kind of reminds me of Gwen's new line of bags, it's nice enough....but it just doesn't have too much of a Chloe vibe....JMO.
  2. Could you live with the "locking" mechanism??

    For me it would be too hard to get in/out of and it doesn't look like you could leave it 'open' as the pieces might dangle :shrugs:

  3. well it doesnt seem hard to unlock/lock it. i like it coz its roomy & light. let's see im still thinking if i should get it.... thanks for the comment! :smile:
  4. Nice bag, kind of reminds me of the ascot tote, light sounds good, if you love it, go for it.
  5. I saw it at Nordstrom and tried it on, all 3 sizes and styles. Surprisingly, the bags are VERY light and it actually looks better IRL than in the website. I wouldn't mind getting it but only if it goes on sale.
  6. I just stumbled onto this beauty tonight. The Small Debbie tote fits me better. But I do quite like it, and I'm a Chloe fan. It WOULD be a great day bag. But sucks that they don't give the measurement on the site, I wanted to compare the big and the small. Did you end up getting one?
  7. i like it ... very clean and basic ... its stickly business ... no do-dads

  8. Same thinh here :yes: !
  9. i can't give u an approximate size but i would say there's a really big difference from the small one. i think the large debbie would be perfect for tall ladies (i am 5'6") coz it could be really bulky too. they didnt show the side view of the bag in the pic. :sad:
    i didnt buy it yet! HOPEfully this weekend (w/ much convincing on my hubby)& if i do, ill post a pic of it! :p
  10. I like this bag.

    I agree, the belt would prob get in the way, but I love that feature as it reminds me of the belts I used to wear when I was ickle lol!!!
  11. interesting that last summers collection, alot of the clothes focused on that belt too, obviously a popular theme :biggrin:
  12. Good luck to you, hopefully your hubby complies!!! Can't wait to see pics so please post them!!! If I can see your pics, I think I'll end up getting the Small Debbie handbag. (I've halfway convinced myself and if I see your pics this weekend, than it's a done deal). Kinda have to move fast cause NM takes off their items off really quick. I'm 5'6" as well so maybe you can post a pic of your posing with the bag is possibly, much appreciated!!!!
  13. I like it. Nice color.
  14. Very nice!!
    Wouldn't take it as a chloe at first glance, Im not familiar with this style.

    Off topic but saw on a post - chloe stopped making Silverado??