Chloe - Blanc or Bianco??

  1. Ladies: give me a clue, here. Is a white Paddy "blanc" or "bianco"? I have what I thought was a 2007 Paddy, listing "Blanc" as the color (by the way, it's more of an IVORY, or CREAM - NOT snow-white), but someone just told me it's Blanc for 2006, and BIANCO for 2007? Does this jive? I can't tell a difference in styles, either, from 2006 to 2007 - they look identical to me. :confused1: Help!
  2. There's no "bianco" that I ever heard of.:shrugs: I have a white from '06 that says "blanc" but it's really an ivory color...warm with creamy undertones. I also have a "mastic" as the tag says, from '06 which is a white with more gray undertones, and then there is "creme" '07,(which NAP calls "sand" which is a sort of white with peachy/beige undertones. It actually is a sand color if the sand has a bit of peachiness to it.:rolleyes: In addition, :graucho: I have the current "white" '07, which is a pure bright, stark, white with NO undertones at all. I didn't like it at first, but as I kept seeing it, it sort of grew on me...:p Those are the whites that I am familiar with. Now, "craie" is the "white" from '05, which I would LOVE to track down...and there is a vanilla as well, and I think that was made the first paddington year, which was '04, but I have never seen one IRL. There may be more whites, Chloe is famous for going nuts with all the colors, but that's my take on whites!:wlae:
    As far as styles go, the medium classic paddy has not changed, except the leather was better in past years and the hardware has changed a bit. There is a thread on that, check the authenticity threads, plus they've added silver, black, brown, and now white hardware to some of the classic paddys in addition to the traditional golden colored brass.
  3. OOOH! Thanks Beanie! You're the best!